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So, a dancer/chreographer from yg has uploaded 2ne1 related pictures. one of them with Minzy on the practice room with the caption " #soon #yg" . another one that has 2ne1 in it and "2ne1 is back" written on it.
Now, Cl also uploaded 2 pictures of 2ne1 on her instagram . Some fan pages are saying that 2ne1's comeback will be first and then CL's US debut what do you guys think??? Im excited af even if is just as hypothesis.
ps. sorry for chat bubble on screenshots lol
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@johnevans yesss they are all i need right now for this to be the best kpop year lol
2 years ago·Reply
OMO!!!! Im soo excited for this ive been waiting for this fabulous moment
2 years ago·Reply
Cl hasn't even put her cd out in the us. Iv been freaking the hell out since before September waiting and antisipating but it's not out yet. I mean I'm super happy for 2ne1 to get together and make music again because they are the best in all the kpop lands but I need that cd or I'm gonna die! lol
2 years ago·Reply
Btw chat bubbles happen haha its all good <3
2 years ago·Reply
yesss. I read that CL might drop her ep after 2ne1's comeback but idk. I need 2ne1 right now more than anything because I want to see my Bommie <\3 and guess what? a "who's next" teasee just dropped!!!! @DeadlyCyanide
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