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Boruto: Naruto (Sasuke) The Movie!

Alright so I finished the movie, and it was awesome, but boring at the same time. I was really expecting more of SasuSaku yah see. XD But there was only one part when they were actually together, and that was in the end. For real, it upsets me. This is just like The Last: Naruto The Movie, which was all about NaruHina (Naruto, and Hinata). But to be honest, SasuSaku (Sasuke, and Sakura...😍) are more special to me! So not they should make like a Sarada: Sasuke The Movie! XD That would totally be AWESOME-SAUCE!😱👌🏻Anyways, again. Totally a cool movie, but boring too. (Pisses me off when SasuSaku is not important.😭💔)
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