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So, my friend and I decided 5 days ago that we were for sure going to Disneyland and managed to make last second plans to leave Thursday afternoon after I got off work at 2, and then come back Saturday afternoon, before I went into work at 1-9:30 P. M.
And we made it!
The Haunted Mansion is a must! So is Pirates of the Caribbean! And Space Mountain! Which was freaking awesome, by the way! But still too slow =-= Fantasmic is purely (orgasmic) blissful! We missed World of Color, though =_= We got trapped by the parade haha and I remember when I was younger, we would run across the parade, but now, they have security and ropes through all of it, so we can't do that anymore lol
And I got us another child (We already have a bear from 2013 named Bruce) named Robin, and he wears white compression shorts and a R2-D2 hoodie! And I tried to take a family picture when we were back at the hotel, around 2 A. M., that's why she looks exhausted and grumpy and racoon-ey Hahaha And I'm uploading it because she put Robin in front of my face lol I probably looked worse than she did.
In the first picture, her arm isn't that big lol if you look closely, it's the blanket wrapped around herself XD when I first looked at it, I was confused Hahaha "I don't remember her arm being like that for the past half a decade!" And I was space Ranger two lol I won haha And I look awkward in every picture, because I don't know what to do with my face. Even if I'm taking the picture haha and, I'm still dead tired and can't seem to get enough sleep and with school and work and the wedding, I've been fighting off being sick for two weeks now and my face feels puffy lol I promise, I'm not always that unattractive XD I hope lol Overall, it was a very... Interesting trip haha We didn't kill each other, so that's good lol She got close a few times. And I'm glad we spent time together. @ButterflyBlu @allischaaff Here lol Since you two knew about the trip XD
Ugh. I'm sorry, man. *Hugs* I meant to come back and comment on this card. This week was INSANE and I forgot. I'm sorry. :/ I am glad you had fun, though... It does drive me nuts when I want to hang with someone and they're on their phones the whole time. >.<
@allischaaff ugh, it's such a horrible showing of my face, too lol I hate how it looks right now XD And yeah (._. ) she's extremely beautiful (at least in my opinion) and her eyes... 😍😍 I cherish them more and more, every time I look into them. It would be more fun, if I wasn't thinking of the price the whole time lol and if she wasn't texting a lot of it. And if there wasn't some awkwardness of us not being a couple at a family and couple oriented place, along with everybody telling is that we're a cute couple and that she's lucky to have me as her boyfriend XD And she took full custody of Robin and Bruce =_= I never get to see them haha
OMG BRANDON HOW AM I JUST SEEING THIS. @Arellano1052 THIS IS MY FAVORITE CARD OF ALL TIMEEEEE AHHHHHHH. it weird that I'm oddly excited about seeing your face for the first time?? It's a whole new level of vingle friendship!!! :D hahaha. I LOVED these little snapshots of insight into your trip. It looks like so much fun. And your friend is... wow. Gorgeous ^_^ looks like you guys had a lot of fun!! The Disney decorations look great, love that Halloween vibe :) Congratulations on the birth of your child :,) I miss you duuuudddeeee (or "bruh," as @danidee would say)
@ButterflyBlu No need to be sorry, ma'am ^.^ Personal life always comes first haha These past few weeks HAVE seemed so much busier than the last few months, though! There doesn't seem to be enough minutes in the hour/hours in the day. It's ridiculous haha >.< And Yeah, it was fun, but confusing haha So, I untangled everything by stopping communication with her.... It was getting to be too bumpy of a road, and too difficult to play her games. So I got out of the situation. I truly think it was the best move. She doesn't want to be with me, I don't think, but she doesn't want me to be with anybody else, and she gets jealous. Even if she's talking about her ex's and random guys, if I bring up even my best friend, (who she's talked to, by the way. And who lives 12k miles away. And is a lesbian. And has a girlfriend!!!) or my female manager, she shuts down and like, folds into herself and makes little comments about us falling in love and never coming back.... Gah, okay, I'll stop right there haha It's just.... Sad and frustrating.