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how did blackbeard just consume whitebeard power?!?!?!
No one's really sure but it has to do with that strange tarp he through over his body in combination with his darkness power. Could be a magical item, maybe something ancient, who knows. BB seems to be hunting devil fruits and I think it's because he's either building an army or trying to give his crew multiple powers.
LOL the pic has Arabic subtitles. now about the devil fruit. I think it has to do something about ONE PIECE. all black beards knowledge must have came from those weird cubes that have the LOST HISTORY. isn't it weird the Marin doesn't want anyone to anything about the early history of the WORLD. The true history, black beards power, devil fruits, the family of D, do flamingos secret, the beasts of the sea; it's all there in that magical place the GRAND LINE. the place where he left his most precious; ONE PIECE. long story short, find one piece and you will find your answer. what a mess. LOL