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Have you ever thought of doing something but due to some risk you said no to that task. Doing something that is your interest or you like but you think that on the other side there are some bad results also. Why do we stop ourselves from doing these things? I mean why not just go for it and then decide if it was good or bad. There is a scenario between a man who is getting late for airport. He is in a taxi stuck in a bad traffic jam but can't do anything. It is really urgent for him to go. He asks the taxi driver if there is any other way or shortcut to reach the airport. The driver replies that there is one short cut way which can lead them to airport but he doesn't know if that way will also get the jam. The man asks him are you sure that we will be reached on time by going through that way? The driver replies how are going to know that without taking that way but if we stay here, we are definitely going to be late. That thing if we don't give a try how are we coming to the result that we are not going to achieve it. Atleast give a try and then repent on losing the thing instead of without trying it.
We must do! I totally agree with you, there is no point in hanging around and not doing anything. You're not living if you're not doing. Well said!!!!! @geekingout precisely. I always regret the things I don't do.
@geekingout I feel the same but sadly I have a couple of what ifs. I'm only human.
I would rather be upset over trying something then always wonder, "What if?".