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So, another year in college, which means I had to go through the apartment hunt all over again. At the begining it looked aweful, no nice and not to expensive places, but after a month of searching, me and my roomate got the craziest and most beautiful apartment in the city. It is not in the city center, which is actually ok, since the nature is all around it. And it is still close, and the bus ride is short. This is my part of the room, with my bad and my study table, across the room is my roommate's corner (the same as mine) and in the middle we have an exit for the balcony #1 (Yes, we have TWO balconies).
Thia is the best part. THE KITCHEN!!! Usually when you are renting a students apartment, kitchens are the worst. But we got this big, totally new and all white kitchen with an oven, freakishly big fridge and freezer, a dishwasher, so actually everything. It is a cooking perfection, and food photos taken from this kitchen are amazing.
On the other side of the kitchen we have a dining part and an exit to a second balcony. As you can see, we have a lot of windows so the lightning is amazing.
I had to include a photo of a shower, because, well I just had to. It is huge, covered with glass and no plastic at all. It has build in shelves, which is really handy. My friend calls it a "pornshower" :)
And just to conclude everything, this is a entrence room, where we come in, drop our coats and take off our shoes and go up the stairs :)
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you just gotta look for them. 馃槂 @marshalledgar
@EmilyMelissa it's Ljubljana (Slovenia) and thanks. 馃槂
This is so awesome!!
@matildajgarrett thank you. :)
nice apartment