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can you spot lee if you can't then just scroll down for the answer if you did find him though comment with a "Yes" and if I should start a find the anime character collection put "yes! You should!"
And the answer is between Naruto's head and Hinata's chest 😂lee is just staring creepily ..😆ok so that one was easy if I decide to make more then they'll become more harder and harder!!(I might make a few easy ones now and then!
not gonna lie, found him in less than a second... never "hide" someone next to the only set of brests in a picture.. guys will find it everytime. hahaha
Yes yes! you should!
yєร, y๏ย รђ๏ยl๔
@MajahnNelson the more I make the more difficult they get I even stated that in the post😂😂I've made 2 more you can check them out on my spot the anime/spot the difference collection
omg lee!😂
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