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I want to show everybody in the Vingle family why I love Beast. I want to invite and encourage as many who love Beast like I do, to join me in showing your Beauty-ful side by responding and telling me each day what you love about Beast also.
I am going to post a card every day of November asking a pertinent question about why you love Beast. Please feel free to share with me the answers to these questions and share with me why you love Beast. Thank you for your time and attention to this wonderfully awesome and immensely talented group.
Here is the list of questions for each day:
1) How did you find Beast?
2) Why do you love Beast?
3) What is your favorite Beast song?
4) What is your favorite Beast video?
5) Who is your bias, and why?
6) What is your Meme/Parody/Funny photo?
7) Can you post your favorite photo of each member?
8) What is your favorite photo of the whole group?
9) What is/was your favorite Come Back stage performance?
10) What's your favorite Drama featuring a member/members of Beast?
11) What is your favorite Play featuring a member/members of Beast?
12) What's your favorite Variety Show featuring a member/members of Beast?
13) What is your favorite Reality show featuring a member/members of Beast?
14) What is/was your favorite radio show performance of Beast?
15) What's your favorite collaboration with another K-Pop star(s) featuring a Beast member?
16) What is your favorite Beast dance practice video?
17) Can you post your favorite GIF of each member?
18) What's been your favorite Beast outfit?
19) What is your favorite video concept?
20) What do you like about each member?
21) Have you ever seen Beast in concert?
22) What's one of the funniest Beast moments?
23) Which member of Beast is the most handsome, and why?
24) Which Beast member is the sexiest, and why?
25) Which member of Beast is the cutest, and why?
26) Who is the most under-rated member of Beast, and why?
27) Which member of Beast is the most athletic?
28) Who is the hardest working member of Beast?
29) Write a post to your ultimate bias of Beast.
30) Write a post to Beast as a group.
I hope you will participate in and love this challenge as much as I enjoy putting these cards together for you. Thank you for allowing me to share this with my Vingle family!
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lol I don't even remember how I found BEAST
2 years ago·Reply
I found Beast through YouTube. ^•^ I fell in love instantly, and never ventured away from them.
2 years ago·Reply
@AimeeH I hope you enjoy this ... from one Beauty to another ... d(^¿^)b
2 years ago·Reply
@poojas ... I started with this one.
2 years ago·Reply