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I used to love you. Now I can’t.
For when someone dies you can no longer love them,
for they no longer exist. Answer me,
how do you love something that isn’t there?
Instead I shall love the memories,
I shall hold dear to me, the moments.
The good times will not leave me,
but instead, keep coming.
For it was not your flesh or your bones that I loved,
it was you. Your personality, your nature.
Once that has left, one is dead inside,
and I can no longer love, for you are gone.
I will never forget you.
Another confusing and rather un-relatable poem by yours truly. *bows* Good day to you all. Don't you worry, one day you will see a post on this collection that shall be astounding! Maybe... oh well. Gotta get back to school work!
I can't say I completely agree with this but it is well done. Very beautiful and relateable. My dad passed away a few months ago and I still struggle with it. Some days are easy where others are a struggle.
I think this is incredibly relatable! really great :)