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Spoiler alert❌❌❌❌❌ Episodes 257 in the anime Natsu finally gets to see his father Igneel after so many sad missed years. Igneel comes out of Natsu from living inside of him to fight acnoligia and help save the rest of the guild and friends!! Cannot wait to see more!!
@NormanSmith I feel you there. Just cannot wait to see the battle in the anime and not just the manga. I'm gonna end up needing an entire tissue box 😭
I cried reading this.... I didnt know about him being in Natsu! and I know what happens..... I might cry again.....
thank the 12 im not the only 1 who felt some type of way. all teary and what not
@MidnightEcho I read the manga at work and sometimes have to tell people I got something in my eye or yawned to much when I start to tear up. Haha. My life lol. Can't escape anime or manga
@LuffyNewman hopefully you don't run out of tissues.
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