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YouTube Red Update

Ok so the Kpop videos are back, you don't have to join YouTube red to watch anything, but if you do there's no ads and you can stream it off line. Some channels will do exclusive content for people who subscribe to YouTube Red, for example better quality more expensive movies and videos. So nothing changes the Kpop videos will stay yasssssssssss But .... I did get YouTube Red cause no ads and streaming so ..... But I'm just like what's the point tho Ahhh anyway Kpop jpop cpop is staying
@ArmyofKookie I was too XD I ranted on my other card. I was beyond mad
@jeppblackmen ok so in other words YouTube red is better
@YessicaCardenas no it doesn't in fact it takes away your ads and let's you stream offline Which is why I got it
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