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WALTER- he's the butler of the Hellsing family who is the wise but bad ass mofo when needed to be! keeping calm in bad situations and tearing sheet up! gota respect Walter he puts Alfred to shame any day!
ASUMA- in my opinion i'm in a love hate relationship with what happened to him... yes i feel like it was too soon he was one of the best! but on the other hand when he died he made Shikamaru step up and lead the team. his fighting style was awesome and one of the ultimate strategist of the leaf!
CANA- one of my most favorites of all time! shes a freaking drunk and also a super strong wizard on top of it she brings enjoyment to the show quiet often! plus she can definitely hold her liquor and drink anyone under the table any day! keeping cool in the back round of the story with only a couple big shows she is one of the best!
Captain Smoker- another of my favorite characters being kind of a rebel that's half-ass with/against the marines chasing but also helping the straw hats in situations even tho he wants Luffy's head, i still love the character in the end!
just some that i think about, what do you guys think? name some of your favorite but underrated anime characters
this is a dope list, and I agree with you. these characters never get enough love! I love Cana in the grand magic tournament, when she showed off her real power. I also think asuma is a badass, because he showed naruto how to control his element as well as encouraged shika to step up to the plate.
Yes!! This is great. I've always thought this about asuma!!