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Chanyeol!! My mom loves EXO, she listens to Call Me Baby without me and sings along every time it comes on, she also likes Love Me Right and Transformer:) She absolutely loves Chanyeol!
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Your mother chose well. (¬‿¬)
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Bless your mom. I bet it's so much fun being able to share that passion with her.
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@GreenTreeFiend it is, she used to complain but then she realized it means a lot to me and she decided this obsession is better than going out and doing drugs, getting drunk or getting pregnant so she's accepted it and she's slowly beginning to love it more and more
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@ladygdragon Yes! Doing Kpop is the best drug, turned non-drug. Wait... I'm thinking that's called an addiction. 😅 Haha Have fun with Chanyeol!
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