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Took 15 years to see this guy's face... Sure i wanted to see it but seeing it now I liked him better with the mask馃槀
I was not expecting for him to look like this but then again it's not like he looks bad..
Seeing fan pics like this 猬嗭笍made me say: oh that's how he would look like without the mask but him having a mole just threw me off 馃槀馃槀
Yeah I was looking at that mole like: excuse me but are you suppose to be there?? 馃槓
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You have no idea how stupidly excited I was to see that damn beauty mark on his beautiful face. lol When they first revealed it I was glued to my computer just staring at the guest hand-out Masashi Kishimoto took the energy to create. I'm fine now, and life goes on as usual. But still, I was happy. And good for Kakashi for continuing to screw with Team 7. >:D
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@Danse haha
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omfg his face though!!!!!!
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