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Yeah!! Here is the link for Yoo Chun's Birthday EVENT ! Let's participate *_* ====================================== Hi Vingle! I am Lavieenrose who have made live screencaps for Rooftop prince. Rooftop Prince is now almost over and right after that 4th of June is Yoochun's Birthday. That's why i'm writing this card. We want to celebrate his birthday and the successful end of his drama, Rooftop Prince. I think this is good not only for our party but also for Vingle as well. So my question is "Can Vingle support prizes for the event?" Anything related to Yoochun will be great for his fan including me. If you can support this event, I promise you that many people will be so thankful to Vingle and we will make this community more active. Don't feel too pressured. I'm just asking. Always thanks to you for providing us fantastic fan community. I love vingle. Best regards, Lavieenrose
I love u....
happy birthday dear!! HAVE A NICE DAY!
happy b'day koko minhoo...wish u all the best for you..^^
happy birthday my idol I hope that added cool ya....
Happy b'day,., lee min hoo
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