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I been through a lot for many years and these last few months have been crazy. Between medication, random injections and falling out of bed for no reason.. Life is so precious and I would not trade it for the world.
I live part of my life with a mask because of germs and it's all about keeping my second chance alive. I do attend to write to my donor family. It's sad that a lost of life saved my own but it will no be in vein. (that is me and my sister... She had to photo bomb me lol)
I will take all my medication and heal up and become stronger than what I was over a decade ago.
I will be strong and take flight (I know Captain America does not fly but my socks has wings damn it lol) I use comics and video games to help me get through... I keep telling people live life and laugh because second chances are not always there. Since I been put in my bubble, I have been very active with helping people with all illnesses that can or can not be seen.
I'm always writing to the government or basically whoever is willing to hear me out. I'm not as cold as ice ❄ when it comes to certain things.. I just want everyone to be happy and enjoy life
Thank you all for being awesome!
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<3 <3 <3 I'm glad you're doing ok!!!! You rock lady