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The giveaway is officially over!!!

Happy November Marvelers! The giveaway is officially over, and it's time to give a super-human congratulations to @JonPatrickHyde our resident artist and photographer!

We're all so happy for you!!!

And I'm sure everyone is looking forward to the epic adventures of Iron Man and your cats! And thank you Marvelers for such an awesome month! You all shared such awesome cards and funny comments, I feel so lucky to be here with all of you.

Group hugs all around!

Thanks so much! This is ULTRA COOL! I NEVER win contests - LOL. In my entire life - this is the first time I've won something like this. So it's really special. I'll be sure to take plenty of photos of Iron Man when he arrives. I created a card 10 months ago - I'd only been on Vingle for 2 months... about how my book cases in my office are a roadmap for my journey in life - that only really special things make it there. This Iron Man will absolutely be displayed in my bookcase. Here's a link to that card explaining why this is important to me.
@JonPatrickHyde I'm so happy for you ^_^
@JonPatrickHyde Congratulations!