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Halloween Gif Challenge!
So as my goodbye to Halloween, I was tagged by @shantalcamara for this challenge. So Here I go!
1. What costume best fits your personality? I definitely fit Harley Quinn!
2. What is your favorite Halloween song? New- Married to the Music Old- I put a spell on you
3. What is your favorite candy? Choooccooolatteeee
4. Do you like scary movies? Yessss!
5. Pumpkin Spice, 네 or 아니요? Either way ㅋㅋ
So I hope you had a great October and a Happy Halloween!! I know I did <3
Bonus some great idol costumes this year!
😂😂😂😂 everyone seems to agree with chocolate. thats a nice goofy bts bit
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@shantalcamara Chocolate is life XD
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