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Hey Vingle Anime Fam!

It's crazy to me that Otaku October is already over! Like, damn. It was a good month. Thank you again for everyone who participated in the month's giveaway! It makes me feel good to be in such an awesome and supportive community with you all.
However, since I love month - long events, I thought we should do another one for November! That's why I'm here to announce our new alliterative month theme, Nani November!
For those of you who are a little confused, 'Nani' is the Japanese word for "what". So all those times in anime where a character is asking "Nani?" that's basically their "wut" face.

So what does this mean for the community?

It means basically that all month, We'll be posting some quick question - type challenges for people to respond to, all in the quest of building our anime family here on Vingle. Though of course that isn't all!

I'm also happy to say that the gods of vingle have reached out to myself and the other mods and they're interested in supporting more giveaways! So stay tuned for that!!! As soon as there are details, I'll let everyone know! XD
For now though, just hang on to your seats for Nani November!!
@VinMcCarthy is that a challenge i smell *sniffs everywhere *
i really need to start being on Vingle daily......*shoves the notes that read STUDY ovee my desk* *realizes what I have done* *begins picking dem up* IM DAT KID NOW.
a few minutes can easily turn into a couple hours.... scary. lol
.....1 minute becomes 60 minutes......IM STILL GONNA BE ON DIS.
@VinMcCarthy My body is ready *stands in sacrificial "t" pose*
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