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I think there should be a better way because remembering names is not my specialty and especially when a lot of people are not using real names. I think there should be an option for tagging that you can tap on and then a list of your friends comes up and you can select the ones you want to tag. Is anyone else having a problem with this? Even if i do remember the names, i have to type out each letter. it wont complete it for me like facebook or instagram and this is why i dont tag people. this is really troubling me. someone tell me that im not the only one who has an issue with this. Also, have you noticed that there are a lot of links that you cant share to vingle? that really bothers me too.
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@danidee wow!! thanks haha cant believe i didnt think of that. thats perfect! 馃槂馃槂 problem solved! i have blonde moments 馃槣
Lol you're fine!! I feel like tagging has become more and more of a trend lately, and this trick is what's worked for me. Sometimes I even split it up based on what we have in common so if I'm writing about Mexican food, I know to tag all my friends who like Mexican food too, for example.
Haha i didn't think of that either @danidee I just have like 10-15 people I've memorized and I tag them. Thanks!!! I'll try that as well.
I do that too @MelissaMae! I have my own set of friends that i keep in a notes tab on my phone. when it comes to responding individually to comments, it鈥檚 really easy mobile. I just tap on the comment to respond and their username comes into my comment.
I actually learned that tagging trick from @danidee usually when I have a card that people seem to like I ask if they'd like to be tagged in the next one too