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I think there should be a better way because remembering names is not my specialty and especially when a lot of people are not using real names. I think there should be an option for tagging that you can tap on and then a list of your friends comes up and you can select the ones you want to tag. Is anyone else having a problem with this? Even if i do remember the names, i have to type out each letter. it wont complete it for me like facebook or instagram and this is why i dont tag people. this is really troubling me. someone tell me that im not the only one who has an issue with this. Also, have you noticed that there are a lot of links that you cant share to vingle? that really bothers me too.
Lol you're fine!! I feel like tagging has become more and more of a trend lately, and this trick is what's worked for me. Sometimes I even split it up based on what we have in common so if I'm writing about Mexican food, I know to tag all my friends who like Mexican food too, for example.
Yeah, I'm not sure about that yet! Let's ask some other peeps! @shannonl5 @nicolejb Do you guys have thoughts? I usually try to copy and paste
I actually learned that tagging trick from @danidee usually when I have a card that people seem to like I ask if they'd like to be tagged in the next one too
@danidee wow!! thanks haha cant believe i didnt think of that. thats perfect! 馃槂馃槂 problem solved! i have blonde moments 馃槣
As I make friends, I write their usernames in a notepad on my phone, and then I tap that to copy and paste them into whatever field (like in the card or in the comments). It's doable! Plus it helps me keep track of who might want to read my stuff.
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