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Some days we wake up with every intention of killing the game. We want to succeed, we've got passion and motivation...and some days are Monday.
Here are a few songs that will encourage you to just get through it. No day is complete without music. If you're looking for some songs to get you bopping and happy, this is not the list for you. This is more along the lines of, 'I'm pissed, I don't want to be at school or work, and I want my bed' kind of music.
Keep on going, it'll be okay. Check out these melancholy tunes for when you just need to get through it.

1. All These Things I've Done / The Killers

"I've got soul, but I'm not a soldier."
This song was made for people who are just trying to get through their day. It's the perfect track to play right when you get to school or work. "You gotta help me out" is something you say when you've exhausted all of your options as far as a great day, and just hearing those words through the headphones will make you feel like you're not doing it alone.
Best Lyric: "If you can't hold on, hold on."
Yeah, you definitely didn't get enough sleep this weekend.

2. There's A Place / The All-American Rejects

This is a brand new track that I listened to yesterday. It's perfect for Mondays. It's nostalgic, mid-tempo and dripping with regret. If you didn't get the rest you needed and you're slowly descending into madness, this is the track for you.
The All-American Rejects have always been aware of their status in the pop-rock world, but this track seems to buck that, going a bit deeper and more self-referential.
The video is pretty incredible as well. It has a very old-school vibe that takes you through the emotion of the song. Trust me, it'll be your new jam. Perfect for a coffee shop work session, this song just might get you on track.
Best Lyric: "There's a place somewhere between a dream and awake."
I want to go back to bed.

3. Holding On To You / Twenty-One Pilots

My awareness of this band is fairly recent, but their songs really hit home. Each one has that Monday morning feeling in it. There's something sad but hopeful in this song especially. The upbeat instrumentation, sweeping melody and staccato vocals all go against the lyrics. Most of this band's songs have a darker theme that is only expressed in the lyrics, so you have to listen closely.
Best Lyric: "Take the pain, ignite it."
Ah yes, the pain of Monday. I'd like to set it on fire.

4. Come On / Panic! At The Disco and Fun

This song is like the love child of Morrissey and Queen. It's terminally delightful. Its uplifting message and grand melody make it a must listen for any stale work day or slumping walk across campus. You can get through it. This one is like, "yeah, Monday sucks, but you should be thankful for just being alive right?"
Best Lyric: "Come on with everything falling down around me I'd like to believe in all the possibilities."
The song is pretty great, It's okay to be in a better mood.

5. Heart of the Matter / The Libertines

Here's the song that'll make you think, "Well, it may be Monday, but things could be a hell of a lot worse." Seriously though, these lyrics will make you feel like you've lived a thousand lives, each one worst than the last.
Its got an incredible driving forward motion, so even if you're not fully listening to the downer lyrics, you'll be compelled to do something. The opening line pretty much says it all, and describes Monday perfectly, "No one can hold a light to your misery." Yeah. Mondays may be miserable, but we can make them better if we just keep pushing through.
Best Lyric: "Let's get straight to the heart of the matter / why so glum it's all on a platter? / So what's the matter, what's the matter today?"
No matter what Monday has in store, you'll get by, even if it's not pretty.
I know right @mchlyang it's such a good tune, seriously underrated. I think The Killers in general are underrated. They're one of my favorite bands.
Thanks for the card! Def made my Monday a lot better!
YES just listened to it! Can't believe I haven't heard that song for such a long time!
@mchlyang yes yes yes! It's an amazing one right? so perfect in so many ways!
When there's no place to run~~~~ gotta be one of my favorite songs ever!