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I'm 22. I live in Utah, USA. I've been a K-Pop fan since around late 2013. The first K-Pop song that got me hooked was Girls Generation's DANCING QUEEN. My ultimate K-Pop bias is Tiffany after seeing her beautiful eye smile for the first time ☺️ I love watching live performances and going crazy over all my biases. Speaking of biases, I am not a Stan of any one group or company. I love every group I come across. Even all the new debuting groups 😊 I listen to nothing but K-Pop, J-Pop, and C-Pop now. Even though I only speak and understand English lol. Which explains why my Korean covers are gibberish (the good kind lol) Speaking of which, please check out my YouTube channel if you're into K-Pop covers lol. They're not perfect, but I think they're definitely entertaining as hell. *Special thanks to those who actually watched my videos and extra thanks to those who subscribed! Hwaiting!!!
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@KeolaLovesKpop cool I got my hoodie from munkypop I'll show you the link if you want
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You will ^_^ it takes time :) Fighting!
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welcome! hope you like it here and you make some great friends! if you ever need some help please feel free to ask @kpopandkimchi and any of the other mentors. I could also be of help, but im not as amazing as them. And I will also support a fellow K-Pop friend and fellow ARMY!
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Welcome to Vingle~~~~~!!!! (thanks for the tag @RainaC3) ^^~
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Haha anytime @kpopandkimchi ^^
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