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Elstree 1976: Doc About the Faces You Don't See in Star Wars
Elstree 1976 is a documentary by Jon Spira that takes you into the lives of the people who were in the original Star Wars movie. But instead of focusing on the stars like Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, or Harrison Ford; Spira takes an in-depth look on the actors and extras who were behind the mask and under the helmet.
It's hard to follow how the full documentary will turn out. But I can't deny that I'm interested in the premise. It's easy forget about the living, breathing, people who played the Stormtroopers, or the person who was actually under Vader's helmet. Or the people who in the alien masks throughout the films.
I remember when I was a kid (and even a little bit now), I dream and wish that I could be an extra in a Star Wars movie. I remember thinking that I wouldn't mind that no one would remember my name, or that I'd have to point myself out to people when they watched the movie because my head would be in a helmet or something but I still thought about it constantly.
And during the trailer and listening to how some of the actors/extras didn't really want to be known as that guy who was in Star Wars for a second; I think one guy actually says he doesn't want to be known as an ex X-Wing pilot for the rest of his life. And it kind of made me weary of this dream that I had as a kid (and, now, as an adult).
But who am I kidding? I'd love it. I might not know the future and I might not know everyone else's experience being an extra in a Star Wars movie but I know I'd love it. Especially if I got to sit in a fake X-Wing for three seconds.
I'm not sure what that says about me, that one of my dreams is to sit in an X-Wing. Since it's something that isn't really tangible or possible (I'm no actor and I'm not a person who makes the right friends), it at times feels like a stupid and childish dream. But I know I'll probably still hold on to it.
Mostly because I don't want to turn into some jaded asshole who stopped believing in the things they did when they were younger. I don't want to let the weight of being an adult crush me into sad submission. I don't want to feel like I work too much. I don't people to look at me and tell me that I've changed for the worse.
I know change and aging is a part of life and it isn't something we should try and fight back. I just want to hold on to my youth for as long as I can and accept my age in a way that isn't detrimental to my mind. And if dreaming about being an extra X-Wing pilot in a Star Wars movie, then I'll keep doing that.
[also, if anyone reading this has the power to put me into an X-Wing please do that because I'd love you forever and it'd be really great]
This sounds pretty interesting. I've never thought about all those extras before – but the faceless horde of clones really did have a huge effect on the feel of the original movies.
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