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Type Creatures Episode 94: Surviving the Night at Disharmony's

Disharmony: *sounding like Deema* Oh yeah wassup’ the name’s Helliotty and it’s time for…
Mega Botron: You to step aside we’re using this area to give each and every typical a heart attack.
*Then Disharmony snaps his fingers turning himself into a cutie*
Disharmony: But why ever would you do that? THE TYPICALS ARE GOING TO RECEIVE MY NIGHTMARE FUEL!
Kaboomis: You and one army!
Disharmony: Only the army of the Walking Dead! New episodes every sunday on AMC Network.
Mega Botron: Wha? They’re mine!
Disharmony: No mine!
Mega Botron: MINE!
Disharmony: MINE!
Mega Botron: MINE!
Disharmony: Oh ok I’ll mine.
*Then Disharmony took out a pickaxe and started to hammer it into Mega Botron*
Flamey and Jolt Spark: Plus we can hear and see everything just beyond the fourth wall hopefully you understand that!
Jolt Spark: Ew I was on synch with the Chump!
Flamey: Really.
Disharmony: Doesn’t matter we’ll both scare you and that’s final now bring on the Halloween special of Type Creatures! Muahahahaha!
*Theme Song*
2 Random Creatures: Surviving the Night at Disharmony’s.
Dragon Creature: Dude are you serious why did you make the two of us say the intro, again!?
*Psychic Creature’s dressed like a burglar*
Psychic Creature: I’d give him a break after all he’s supposed to be slenderman, now I have an urge to rob the nearest library.
*Then Psychic Creature ran off*
Dragon Creature: Oh great even psycho brain here believes that the costume you’re wearing changes who you are. Just talk already!
*No answer*
Dragon Creature: Dude this isn’t funny don’t make me incinerate your costume!
*No answer*
Dragon Creature: That’s it!
*Then Dragon Creature used a flamethrower at the costume but it went through*
Dragon Creature: What the? It’s only a hologram then wouldn’t that mean?
*Then Jolt Bolter touched his shoulder*
Jolt Bolter: Happy HALLOWEEN!
Dragon Creature: Ahhhhhhhhh!
*Then Dragon Creature darted up into the air*
Jolt Bolter: *sounding spooky* Roll the toon!
*With Rocko Fistor*
Rocko Fistor: Great another Halloween and time for sweets, well I can probably accept I mean seriously I can deadlift 200K now, I think that’s pretty good.
Fighting Goro: Sure is, oh yeah Rocky I have an invitation for you.
Rocko Fistor: Let’s see: Hey Rocko Fistor meet me at the old haunted house where we had our first party and fright last year it became a tradition, also make sure you bring some skeleton decorations if you can, from Mr. Harold Trouper. Alright I guess I’ll go.
*Then Rocko Fistor picked up the boney dumbbells and left*
*With Munna Oona*
Munna Oona: Aw man tonight’s Halloween I can’t wait to read some horror stories, they’re creepy but I guess that’s the point.
Psychofia: Hey Oona you got a letter!
Munna Oona: Who is it from?
Psychofia: That information I’m unsure about since the sender’s address is blank but here you go.
Munna Oona: Ok? Let’s see: Dear Munna Oona, please come on down to the Haunted House over in the fighting world tonight, also make sure you bring lots of hidden and gruesome information on the history of Halloween since we’re having a professional scary story telling contest. See ya soon from, Mr. Harold Trouper. I suppose I can make some time after all they are friends.
*Then Munna Oona picked up her books and left her tower*
*With Razor Leaf*
Daisy: I can’t wait to go trick or treating as a forest butterfly princess.
Razor Leaf: *To himself* And neither can Jolt Spark *chuckling*
Mrs. Applebaum: Hey Forest I got a letter with your name on it!
Razor Leaf: Hm probably dealing with princely affairs.
*Then Razor Leaf opened the letter with a leaf blade*
Razor Leaf: Hm: Hey Razor Leaf please come to the Haunted House in the fighting world tonight for a party, make sure you bring lots of pumpkins and food from the recent harvest for a contest and dinner it would be appreciated, see you soon. Mr. Harold Trouper, it’s from Mr. Trouper I’ve gotta go, see ya soon!
*Then Razor Leaf went to the garden, picked the vegetables and left*
*With Jolt Spark*
Jolt Spark: Aw man I can’t wait to scare the little kids that come over to my tower tonight, I have a power switch that turns off my lights when the doorbell is rung, then I have a mummy standing at the door shooting out mud, following that I have fake blood dripping down from the walls and skeletons in the front lawn, I’m ready!
Deema: You also have me, I’m Princess Grounsie!
Jolt Spark: You’re too young for this please come back, when I don’t live here.
Deema: Well I guess I’ll just give you the letter then letting all this stuff go to waste.
*Then Deema hands Jolt Spark a letter*
Jolt Spark: Jolt Spark, please come over to the haunted house in the fighting world for a Halloween party, make sure you bring lots of scary halloween electronic decorations it would make the party amazing like you, see ya soon. Mr. Harold Trouper. Oh yeah you know it will, change of plan Rotom I’m going to the fighting world!
*Then Jolt Spark picked up his newest machine and the party decorator then left*
With Giltron at the Kaboomi HQ*
Giltron: Hey thanks for the costumes Wavely.
Wavely: Of course now I got to go with my team to the haunted house, see ya.
*Then Wavely left with the other Kaboomis*
Giltron: Hey what’s this, a letter? Hey Giltron please come over to the haunted house in the fighting world for a Halloween party, make sure you bring the costumes so then we’ll all be in fashion and look great, see ya soon. Wavely. Oh so that’s why she made them, ok I guess I’ll be going.
*Then Giltron left with the costumes*
*With Flamey*
Flamey: Let’s see here.
*Then Flamey read the letter, got torches and started heading over to the Haunted House*
*At the Haunted House*
Disharmony: Oh that idea was genius, just genius.
Mega Botron: You just forgot one detail!
Kaboomis: What can we add?
Disharmony: Oh well it’s already done, I sent the letters and they’ll be on their ways, hide!
*Then the villains hid and the typicals came*
Flamey: Sup’
Giltron: Hey.
Rocko Fistor: Hey guys.
Jolt Spark: Sup’
Munna Oona: Good evening.
Razor Leaf: Hey.
Mr. Trouper: Sorry I’m late I just got the memo.
Giltron: What do you mean you just got it, you were the one to send it?
Mr, Trouper: No I wasn’t I don’t know what you’re talking about?
Munna Oona: Wait then that would mean..
*Then the typicals started to run away*
Disharmony: Why leave so soon, the fun has just begun!
*Then Disharmony snapped his fingers and the typicals were teleported into the house and the door disappeared*
Disharmony: Looks like my work here is done!
Mega Botron: And don’t worry Harold we’ll take good care of your worlds while you’re in there, FOREVER!
*Then the Kaboomis ran off*
*Inside the house*
Jolt Spark: Oh great now there’s no way out!
Razor Leaf: What happened to the harvest!?
Flamey: My torches!
Giltron: The costumes!
Rocko Fistor: My workout equipment!
Jolt Spark: My machine!
Munna Oona: My books!
Typicals: This is a fright!
*Enduring through Typical Fright*
Mr. Trouper: Excuse me for a sec.
*Then Mr. Trouper led the typicals away towards an empty room*
Mr. Trouper: Ok it’s more than obvious that they’re taking this too far we’ve gotta escape any ideas?
Flamey: Can’t I just burn through the floor, Oona can protect Razor Leaf with a forceshield.
Mr. Trouper: I suppose we can try it.
*Then Flamey used flamethrower on the floor but it turned into a giant indoor lake*
Giltron: Man this is awesome!
*Then Giltron dove in*
Typicals: It feels so warm!
Flamey: I can’t, can’t swim!
*Then Flamey tried to get out but she couldn’t*
Flamey: Munna Oona help!
Munna Oona: Excuse me, who are you?
Flamey: What are you talking about, I’m Flamey, you’re best friend!?
Munna Oona: I’ve never seen you before in my life…
Flamey: Giltron, Razor Leaf, JOLT SPARK! You’ve gotta remember me!
Giltron: You’re..
Razor Leaf: I’ve got nothing?
Jolt Spark: I give up, is this a costume?
Flamey: *starts to tear up* My biggest fear has been recognized..
*Then a shark swims up to Flamey and bites off half of her*
Lost: Oh so that’s how this Halloween is huh, I’ll show the Kaboomis who deserves the last fright!
*Then Lost flies over to the Kaboomis HQ*
Fiery Flame: Man I can’t believe how easy that was!
Skyro Soarer: Like stealing worms from a chickling.
Wavely: Giltron didn’t deserve that..
Dark Dour: Think of the bright side we’re reusing their old worlds, now you can put glitter in the water and sell your dresses there, create your sparkling sea.
Wavely: *sigh* I guess you’re right, I just kind of wish he was able to see it..
*Then Lost came with 6 Litwick*
Lost: Alright Litwick do your stuff.
Litwick: Litwick!
*Then a Litwick appeared in front of every Kaboomi*
Wavely: Aw and look at this cute little candle to light the way. I guess I’ll do it.
Litwick: Litwick!
Weed Spark: Huh, I got one too?
Skyro Soarer: So did I.
Digger Erupter: I also got one.
Dark Dour: A ghost type gift cool.
Fiery Flame: Screw that it’s a fire type! *coddling* Are you ready to burn things?
Litwick: Litwick!
*Then the Kaboomis left for their new worlds with their Litwick close behind*
*With the typicals*
Mr. Trouper: So any solutions in getting out?
Rocko Fistor: It’s a rickety old house, I can lift 200K I could probably just break a door in the wall.
*Then Rocko Fistor punched a hole in the wall opening a portal to another dimension, then he got sucked in and it closed*
Rocko Fistor: Ahhhhhhhhh!
*Then the typicals forgot about him*
Typicals: What were we doing?
*In the other dimension*
Rocko Fistor: Please tell me I’m just somewhere else in Typical Earth..*gulp* Help me!
*Then Rocko Fistor looked at himself and he saw that he became a rabbit wearing a dress*
Rocko Fistor: Where am I!?
Happy Giggly: That’s easy you’re in Merrie Land!
Rocko Fistor: But wait weren’t you just back in the Haunted House?
Happy Giggly: I don’t recall, but now that you’re here let’s sing a Halloween song!
Rocko Fistor: Uh no we just got done singing..
Happy Giggly: “Please”.
*Then Rocko Fistor became infiltrated*
Rocko Fistor: How about I sing about my new friend Happy Giggly, I fell out of the sky one day and there she was just waiting to say.
Happy Giggly: Please, please.
Rocko Fistor: Now I love you, please, please.
Happy Giggly: I’ve met a new friend, please, please!
Rocko Fistor and Happy Giggly: Is the word you say so the happiness will never end! Please, please!
*With the Kaboomis*
Wavely: *yawn* I’m impressed that you can go underwater but I guess you are a pokemon.
Litwick: Litwick!
Wavely: Do you like fashion?
*Then the Litwick nods it’s flame up and down*
Wavely: Oh great, here’s a costume your size.
*Then Wavely gave the Litwick a pumpkin costume*
Wavely: *yawn* What a perfect fit, but I’m going to take a power nap I’m kind of tired.
*Then Wavely went on her water bed and started sleeping*
Litwick: LIT!
*Then Litwick started to absorb Wavely’s life energy*
*With the typicals*
Razor Leaf: Here we go, there’s a small opening in the ceiling, I can create a vine and then Munna Oona can open it to make it wider.
Munna Oona: I suppose I can.
*Then Razor Leaf created the vine and started climbing it however it became eternal and he couldn’t stop*
Razor Leaf: Uh see ya at the other end, I guess, help!
*Then everyone forgot about Razor Leaf*
Munna Oona: What’s the vine for?
Mr. Trouper: Something’s off here but I can’t exactly put my fin on it.
Munna Oona: I have an idea I’ll just teleport us out since there’s a hole in the ceiling we’ll be good.
*Then Munna Oona teleported out of the Haunted House and appeared as part of a doomsday device*
Munna Oona: What’s going on?
Disharmony: I’ll be asking the questions here, for starters just to test it who are all the typicals in your group!?
Munna Oona: Let’s see we have Giltron, Jolt Spark and I that’s it.
Disharmony: Yes my plans working perfectly, now all I need are their present prospects, I’ll be right back!
*Then Disharmony left*
Munna Oona: Present prospects, what’s going on?
*With the Kaboomis*
Wavely: I..c..can’t move..where’s Litwick…?
Litwick: LITWICK!
*Then Litwick blasted a hole through Wavely’s tower from the spirit world*
Wavely: Now I get it, but...NO!
Lost: That’s what you get from messing with a ghost on Halloween, now you’ll have to put up the spirit world, FOREVER! Now I’ll just give a Chandelure to Disharmony to stop him.
*Then Wavely got sucked into the spirit world along with the other Kaboomis*
*With Mr. Trouper*
Mr. Trouper: What am I doing here, shouldn’t I be trying to find a class?
*Then Mr. Trouper tried to leave but a cage fell down trapping him*
Mr. Trouper: What the!?
Disharmony: The main power source in my doomsday device how convenient!
Mr. Trouper: Disharmony then does that mean?
Disharmony: Yes you did have a class I just erased your memory, now I’m using them as part of my doomsday device, say goodbye to your precious world!
Mr. Trouper: I won’t let you, metro..
Disharmony: Candy gun!
*Then Disharmony shot candy into Mr. Trouper’s mouth*
Mr. Trouper: Too much sugar, I can’t move.
Disharmony: Exactly now say good bye Typical Universe!
Lost: Goodbye Disharmony!
*Then Lost sent out a Chandelure*
Lost: Chandelure send Disharmony to the spirit world!
Chandelure: Chandelure!
*Then a portal opened and Disharmony was sucked into the spirit world and the typicals were restored back to themselves*
Typicals: Awesome thanks Lost!
Lost: Don’t thank me yet, get ready for the worst Helloween of your lives!
Munna Oona: Wait so this, oh I mean, wait a minute Helloween?
Lost: That’s right and I’m the Helloween Devil!
*Then Lost brought an evil version of Halloween into the entire Typical Earth but also restored the old worlds*
Mr. Trouper: C’mon guys we’ve gotta stop this!
*Then the typicals went into the mainland*
Flamey: *gulp* I don’t see any water and I..need..it..to..breathe….
*Then Flamey started losing air*
Mr. Trouper: *sigh*
*Then Mr. Trouper gave her a water helmet*
Giltron: Aw man I want to check out the Halloween lights!
*Then Giltron ran over to the laser display*
Mr. Trouper: *sigh* This will be one long night…
Rocko Fistor: How about we just tell them to stop, please is the magic word after all..
Jolt Spark: It’s more than obvious we have to start a Typical War it’s the only way to settle on territory.
Munna Oona’s Head: In fact I believe that we should just take him on head on.
Rocko Fistor: *starts to tear up* But that would be too mean..
Razor Leaf: I suggest we just fly up into the clouds and stay there until this is over.
Rocko Fistor: I’m with that.
*Then Rocko Fistor started hugging Razor Leaf and he started to take off*
Mr. Trouper: Stop this! Don’t you see, Lost found out what scares you the most and now he’s using it against you, eventually Typical Earth will fall under his evil command we’ve gotta stop this and fast! Flamey, set a giant bonfire usually evil spirits are drawn to that.
Flamey: But I’m a..a..
Mr. Trouper: Here’s a Flamba costume, now become a fire type!
*Then Mr. Trouper threw Flamey a fire costume and she returned back to normal*
Flamey: What happened?
Mr. Trouper: The bonfire!
Flamey: Oh right I’ll get right to that.
*Then Flamey started rising a giant flame in a fire pit*
Mr. Trouper: Giltron I’m going to need you to spread around happiness.
Giltron: Aw dude can’t I spread around electricity instead?
Mr. Trouper: Take your Disharmony costume!
*Then Mr. Trouper threw Giltron his Disharmony costume*
Giltron: So what’s my mission?
Mr. Trouper: Restore friendships!
Giltron: You’ve got it Mr. T!
*Then Giltron ran off to restore friendships*
Mr. Trouper: Jolt Spark I need you to build a scaratic or something so we can scare Lost away.
Jolt Spark: The futuristic term you just used in your most recent statement I can not comprehend.
Mr. Trouper: Oh yes you can Sparkeo/Shockstoll go!
*Then Mr. Trouper threw a princess dress with Sparkeo hat and moustache at Jolt Spark*
Jolt Spark: *gulp* How’d you know I was going as this!?
Mr. Trouper: No time to explain build the machine!
Jolt Spark: On it!
Mr. Trouper: I’ll restore you Oona.
*Then using his psychic powers Mr. Trouper reconnected Munna Oona’s head and body*
Munna Oona: I can feel my circulation again, I’ll get right on the warning.
Mr. Trouper: That was easy, great job! Ok Razor Leaf plant a ghastly corn maze around Lost here are the seeds.
Razor Leaf: Aw man those look delicious!
Mr. Trouper: Not so fast Mega Sceptile!
*Then Mr. Trouper threw Razor Leaf the costume*
Razor Leaf: Oh cool seeds, where shall I plant them?
Mr. Trouper: Around Lost.
Razor Leaf: Will do, see ya!
Mr. Trouper: Phew..
Flamey: Alright I’m ready for the scenance, Typical tough, transparent true, luring a ghost such as you, Type of thee, from around the valley, please come over here to me.
*Then Lost appeared by Flamey*
Razor Leaf: I wasn’t able to, oh?
Giltron: I restored everyone.
Jolt Spark: Machine finished!
Munna Oona: Everyone’s inside!
Rocko Fistor: And I almost figured out how to create smiley suns!
Mr. Trouper: Oh that’s right, fight for us!
*Then Mr. Trouper threw an anime fighter costume at Rocko Fistor*
Rocko Fistor: Man I’m psyched for battle!
Lost: Then bring it on, being the typical of fear I just have one more thing to bring on and that’s what should’ve been here when the episode began presenting Flamba, Disharmony, Leon, Princess Sparkeo, Psychofia, and Mega Sceptile!
Typicals VS Costume Characters FIGHT!
Munna Oona: Giltron may I ask you a question, why would you go as Disharmony?
Giltron: I thought it was creepy!
Disharmony: Oh we’ll fight Mr. Burntiester’s way, you get a question right you attack, however if you get it wrong I take off one of your body parts and eat of it.
Munna Oona: What!?
Disharmony: Question 1: Starting off easy, what 6 costumes did the typicals wear for the first Halloween?
Munna Oona: That’s simple fire devil, sea monster, Hitmonchan, an actual digital character, a brain, and a tree.
Disharmony: Let’s see if you’re correct the answer is, a fire devil, sea monster, hitmonchan, digital character, brain, and tree DANG IT!
Munna Oona: Hypnosis!
*Then Disharmony fell asleep*
Munna Oona: Psybolt, Psystrike, Amnesia!
*Then Disharmony woke up*
Disharmony: What am I doing here?
Munna Oona: You’re just taking a walk it’s around time you continue.
Disharmony: Ok, see ya.
*Then Disharmony walked away from the battlefield*
Mr. Trouper: Typicals 1, Costume Characters 0!
Jolt Spark: Because I thought you were going to force me into a dress anyways, plus that’s what Sparkeo’s doing this year.
Princess Sparkeo: Beautiful Bolt!
*Then Sparkeo jumped up and twirled around causing lightning bolts to spread around the battlefield and paralyzing Giltron*
Giltron: I c..can’t move..
Princess Sparkeo: Zap Zuli!
*Then a giant thunder attack hit Giltron*
Giltron: Hydro Pump!
*Then Giltron tried hitting Sparkeo but it dodged*
Giltron: What the..?
Jolt Spark: The dress gives him impressive agility.
Princess Sparkeo: Sparkly Static Shock!
*Then Giltron was greatly hurt*
Princess Sparkeo: Lovely Lightning!
*Then Giltron was KO’d*
Mr. Trouper: Typicals 1, Costume Characters 1!
Munna Oona: I guess it’s girl versus, girl?
Princess Sparkeo: Beautiful Bolt!
Munna Oona: Mirror Coat!
*Then Princess Sparkeo’s attacks were reflected and he was greatly hurt*
Munna Oona: You like dressing up, then how about a Dressable Dazzle!
*Then Munna Oona flew up into the air, appeared in her Halloween costume and then used a fissure like attack causing Princess Sparkeo to go down*
Mr. Trouper: Typicals 2, Costume Characters 1!
Typicals: What attack was that!?
Munna Oona: Use it to find out.
Flamey: Aw sweet, Mega Sceptile!
Mega Sceptile: Sceptile!
*Then Mega Sceptile used Earthquake greatly hurting Flamey*
Flamey: Dressable Dazzle!
*Then Flamey flew up into the air, appeared in her Halloween costume and then used a Blizzard attack defeating the Mega Sceptile!
Mr. Trouper: Looks like they found a secret strategy, Typicals 3, Costume Characters 1!
Flamey: Flamba!?
Flamba: Bring it on Flamey! Blast Burn!
Flamey: Hydro Cannon!
*Then the attacks reflected and Flamba was KO’d*
Mr. Trouper: Typicals 4, Costume Characters 1!
Munna Oona: Dressable Dazzle!
*Then Munna Oona appeared in her costume again and used Dark Pulse*
Psychofia: Disable!
*Then Munna Oona’s Dressable Dazzle became disabled and she lost her costume*
Psychofia: In fact, DISABLE!
*Then all of the other typicals also forgot the move*
Munna Oona: Psybolt!
Psychofia: Mirror Coat!
*Then Psychofia reflected the attack and Munna Oona was KO’d*
Mr. Trouper: Typicals 4, Costume Characters 2!
Jolt Spark: I’ve got this chump, Fusion Bolt!
Psychofia: Dressable Dazzle!
*Then Psychofia appeared in her costume and used fissure on Jolt Spark*
Jolt Spark: Oh come on!
*Then Jolt Spark fainted*
Mr. Trouper: Typicals 4, Costume Characters 3!
Rocko Fistor: Aw man Leon!
Leon: Bring it on, Sword Dance!
*Then Leon’s attack sharply rose*
Rocko Fistor: Focus Energy!
*Then Rocko Fistor gained a better chance for critical hits*
Leon: Sword Slash!
*Then Rocko Fistor was greatly hurt*
Rocko Fistor: High Jump Kick!
*Then Leon dodged and Rocko Fistor bounced off the wall bringing the critical hit Ko’ing Leon*
Mr. Trouper: Typicals 5, Costume Characters 3!
Flamey: Blast Burn!
Psychofia: Dressable Dazzle and then fissure!
*Then Flamey was KO’d*
Mr. Trouper: Typicals 5, Costume Characters 4!
Psychofia: Psybolt!
Rocko Fistor: Detect!
*Then Rocko Fistor blocked the attack*
Rocko Fistor: Close Combat!
Psychofia: Mirror Coat!
*Then the attack was reflected and Rocko Fistor fell to the ground*
Psychofia: Psybolt!
*Then Rocko Fistor was KO’d*
Mr. Trouper: Typicals 5, Costume Characters 5!
Razor Leaf: *gulp* Here it goes Dressable Dazzle!
*Then Razor Leaf appeared in his costume*
Psychofia: Blast Burn!
Razor Leaf: Dark Pulse!
*Then the two attacks collided however went in Psychofia’s direction and she was KO’d*
Mr. Trouper: Typicals win!
Typicals: Alright!
Lost: Not so fast, Shadow Ball!
*Then a giant shadow ball was used with all of the enemies inside*
Mr. Trouper: Dressable Dazzle!
*Then Mr. Trouper appeared in a Jack Skellington costume and used Dark Void bringing Lost to the spirit world and he freed the villains*
Kaboomis: We’re done here!
Mega Botron: I’d rather be a part of All Souls Day.
Disharmony: Here’s your reward…
*Then Disharmony snapped his fingers and storm clouds appeared and it started raining candy and sweets*
Flamey: Awesome Spice Drops!
Giltron: No way fish cookies!
Rocko Fistor: Fist hard candy!
Jolt Spark: Sparkeo gummies!
Munna Oona: Gum!
Razor Leaf: Twizzlers!
Mr. Trouper: Chocolate bars, sweet!
*Then the typicals started collecting the candy in their costumes*
*Sketch Scene*
Jolt Spark: Aw man I’ve gotta scare Chumpidoodle!
*Then Jolt Spark ran over to Flamey’s tower*
Jolt Spark: Watch this.
*Then Jolt Spark used fusion bolt into the volcanic chamber*
Flamey: *sigh* Really..you know what to do.
*Then Ghastly Boo crept behind Jolt Spark*
Ghastly Boo: Boo.
Jolt Spark: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, it’s over!
Flamey: Or is it?
*Takes off mask to reveal themself as Rotom*
Rotom: Ro, ro, ro.
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With the rise of electronic cigarettes, more and more people are concerned about the nicotine strength of electronic cigarettes, so this article is to tell you the nicotine strength of ELF BAR and the details of ELF BAR BC5000, a very popular product in the market. What is ELF BAR Vape BC5000? ELF BAR Vape BC5000 is a new E-liquid, that has high-precision instruments in the Electronic cigarette industry and manufactures MESH coils. In addition, ELF BAR Vape 5000 uses all materials that are food grade. Such as Polymer Food-grade Oil-conducting Fiber and Food-grade Stainless Steel & PCTG Material. This is a very reassuring electronic cigarette product ELF BAR has a variety of flavours to choose from, including mango, passion fruit, strawberry, and blueberry. All of the flavours are smooth and satisfying, making them great for use on the go. ELF BAR Vape also comes in a VG/PG blend, so you can find something that works best for your vaping style. How Much Nicotine In ELF BAR Vape BC5000? If you are a user who wants to try a higher-strength electronic cigarette, then the answer of ELFBAR Vape BC5000 must make you very excited. Because ELFBAR Vape BC5000 Have 20%(mg/ml) and 50(mg/ml) nicotine chosen. Compared with other electronic cigarette products with 2% (mg/ml) nicotine, ELFBAR Vape BC5000 has 20% (mg/ml) nicotine, which makes you feel nicotine more intensely and intuitively, so if you are a smoker If you want to quit smoking, then ELFBAR Vape BC5000 must be your best choice. ELF BAR Vape BC5000 Details: Size: 79x41x19mm E-liquid Capacity: 13.0ml Battery Capacity: 650mAh Nicotine Strength: 50mg/ml; 20mg/ml Puffs: Up to 5000 Charging Port: Type-C How to use In ELF BAR Vape? If you’re looking for an easy, convenient way to vape, the ELF BAR Vape is for you! The device consists of five separate chambers that you can use to store e-liquid and nicotine, and it has a built-in tank that can hold up to 13.0ml of liquid. Plus, because it’s such a large e-cigarette, it’s perfect for use with multiple nicotine levels. Here’s how to use the ELF BAR a Vape: 1. Fill the tank with what you want and the flavour of e-liquid you want. 2. Screw on the top of the ELFBAR Vape Device. 3. Place your lips over the opening at the top of the device and inhale deeply through your nose while keeping the device in mid-air. 4. When you reach the desired nicotine level or the tank is empty, release the device. Are ELFBAR Vape BC5000 safe? ELF BAR Vape is a new type of electronic cigarette created in Asia. It is called ELF BAR Vape because it looks like a candy bar. ELF BAR Vapes are gaining popularity because they are considered safer than other types of e-cigarettes. However, overuse of anything can have a bad result, so we recommend daily use to refresh your mind or help you quit smoking, turning it into a beneficial tool. And ELF BAR Vapes contain propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine and flavours. These ingredients have been linked to cancer in the past, so be careful when using them. Conclusion ELF BAR 5000 has become a popular choice for those who are looking for an affordable and discreet vaping experience. This e-cigarette is available in a wide variety of flavours and can be easily concealed in your pocket or handbag. Plus, the battery life is impressive, so you can be sure that you’ll be able to vape all day without having to recharge frequently. If you’re looking for an easy and affordable way to start vaping, ELF BAR is definitely worth considering.
The Best Corporate Gift Experience Ideas to Appreciate Your Employees!
While gift cards are a prevalent employee gift in today’s world, businesses now reach outside the box to give their rewards a more distinctively personal touch. Because of its numerous advantages, companies are increasingly adopting the trend of giving experiences as gifts. Giving an employee a Corporate Gift Experience is more than simply showing them that you appreciate them; it's also about giving them a special moment they will remember forever and connecting to their time working for the firm. Additionally, experiences are a terrific way to motivate employees and enhance personality development programs. Are you looking for a reliable way to gift your employee the best experience gift? Look no further than MOJO. With Mojo Gift Cards, your employee is in for a special treat. Mojo Gift Cards offer a wide range of gift experiences, and the best thing is that the card recipient can choose the perfect gift experience for themselves, so you don’t have to think a lot and just have to buy a card, wrap it in a shiny bow, and give to your employee. We have compiled a list of the best corporate gift experience ideas so that your employees choose one of their liking: Adventure Corporate Gift Experiences Adventure-seeking is the very essence of life. Doing an adventure not only gives us an adrenaline boost but also improves how we view ourselves. One feels a sense of success after conquering their fears with adventurous activity. Adventure sports like rock climbing, zip line, cave exploring, river rafting, and parasailing, among others, help your employees feel more connected to nature and reduce stress by giving them a sense of accomplishment. These activities are inspired by the idea that facing your fears and failings is the key to success. What better way to instill this concept than having your staff follow suit? On the other hand, group adventure activities have the added benefit of strengthening team bonds and reinforcing the ideals of teamwork to apply at the workplace. Such experiences have numerous positive effects on an employee's personality, which is likely to show in his effectiveness at the workplace. Dining Corporate Gift Experiences Happiness is the main focus of meal sharing. Giving gourmet experiences is a great way to encourage company bonding over food or hosting a team lunch full of games or a celebratory meal. Giving your company memorable gourmet dining experiences as a reward makes them feel valued and appreciated. The MOJO gift cards assist employers in selecting the ideal gourmet experience by taking into account the employee's life milestones personally and professionally. For instance, giving a newlywed employee a candlelit dinner is an excellent choice. This present strengthens the relationship between the employer and employee because it appreciates the employee's milestone. Such gifts could have a significant impact on employee relations. Luxury Spa Experiences Spa visits typically boast luxury and pampering. A spa day can also help one feel refreshed and relieve tension. Among many other advantages, it helps with weight loss and skin tissue renewal. The relaxing spa massages have a "feel good" quality, making them an excellent corporate gift experience for putting up a solid effort. When such a reward follows completing a challenging task at work, constructive behavior reinforces. Giving employees access to upscale spa treatments is increasingly popular since it improves their well-being. According to reports, both men and women are becoming more interested in treating themselves at a luxury spa because of the high level of rejuvenation it offers. Fitness Corporate Gift Experiences While thinking of a corporate gift experience, you can never neglect your employee’s health and fitness. No matter how the company tries to keep employees happy or motivated, if their health is not taken care of, there's a good possibility they won't perform up to par. Giving staff memberships to health clubs, gyms, or other fitness facilities is an example of a healthy corporate gift experience. Giving them access to yoga sessions, for instance, is a terrific idea because it helps them manage their stress and keep active. Employers can get fitness kits that include yoga mats, stress balls, and other accessories. Workshops and Hobbies Developing and keeping interests is a great way to live a healthy, stress-free life. Employees who indulge in one or more hobbies tend to be less stressed and more motivated at work. Many necessary virtues like patience, perseverance, and focus on goals come from instilling hobbies in everyday life. These principles significantly improve a person’s ability to perform well in the workplace. By giving employees hobby workshops, you can encourage your staff to engage in stress-relieving hobbies or learn a new skill. Workshops such as chocolate-making, painting, terrarium-making, and gardening engage your employees positively and add a lot of value to their lives. Team Bonding Corporate Gift Experiences Activities and workshops instill and nurture ideals and promote teamwork. You can arrange team-building games and activities for your employees that provide more opportunities to learn and develop personalities. Exclusive team-building seminars have a significant impact in addition to adventure activities like hiking, trekking, etc. Such exercises are enjoyable since they boost the group’s motivation levels. Rewards that are personalized and delivered on time are more effective. Mojo offers a wide range of corporate gift experience ideas, including team-building exercises, group excursions, adventurous pursuits, gourmet dining, and many more. So don’t wait, and get a MOJO corporate gift experience card to cherish and appreciate your employees.
AI GraphicsKreator Review
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HappyFresh Business Model – Check Out Its Easy Ops Here
Launched in 2015 in Jakarta, Indonesia, HappyFresh created a revolution in the grocery shopping, and ordering process for customers. Courtesy of its possession of a unique business and revenue model, followed by having extremely easy operations, the app saw its prominence growing manifold. It in fact went on to entice the attention of those who until now were running an offline grocery store. With the market having a billion-dollar potential, it goes without saying that there are a diverse array of factors that in fact are responsible for the app’s popularity skyrocketing, and most important, encouraging new grocery business owners to develop something along similar lines. Here’s why this is happening. WorkFlow of HappyFresh App The HappyFresh grocery delivery app has extremely easy operations which have been listed by us in the pointers below- * Customer enters the app, taps on items they want, and places order upon including date, time, and address. * Order is received at the store which immediately accepts it and gets the driver on board to perform order pickup. * The delivery driver receives order pickup detail containing details of the store, the payment stream used for paying, and so on. * The driver reaches the store and picks up the order upon which the customer gets notified. * Customer and delivery drivers can track each other in real-time. * Delivery driver provides delivery and the customer provides a rating for the overall shopping experience through the app. Unique Business Model By partnering with 278 supermarkets alongside containing over 100,000 items, it helps in ensuring smooth grocery delivery services. Alongside, as a result of employing personal shoppers, the process of grocery shopping takes place seamlessly as a result of the connection between customers and stores. Moving On Courtesy of the factors that are highlighted by us above, alongside the points stated above; it has enticed the attention of those who plan to give their grocery business the digital touch. To perform this with precision, keep the steps such as the ones listed below in mind during grocery delivery app development services. Steps to Follow to Develop HappyFresh Like App * Choose an appropriate revenue stream from different ones like commissions, sales, and the marginal cost of what customers pay. * Research the needs and concerns of the target audience to gain insight into an app design strategy. * Use technologies that have been around for a long so the app functions seamlessly and smoothly. * Get the HappyFresh clone to serve future businesses and customers seamlessly. Make modifications easily and earn more customers. Wrapping Up With this, we have covered all the aspects related to HappyFresh; citing the business model and the operations which have enticed the attention of those running an offline grocery store. In case you are among one of them, check out how to perform grocery delivery app services with the HappyFresh app clone in this comprehensive guide to earn returns like never before, and ensure smooth grocery delivery services. Read this article and get the idea of the recipe for creating a profitable grocery venture along the lines of the HappyFresh app. Read More: HappyFresh Like Grocery App Development – Steps, Features, Cost