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Come on...really?

Everyone's got their favorite emoji, whether it be the sassy girl with the purple shirt, the dude with the plus sign hat or even the easter island head, you've got your own way of referencing them. When you find out what your favs are actually called, you're going to flip out. Trust me.

The "That shit is not funny" emoji is actually called...

"Neutral Face"

What the hell? That's not neutral, that's like, annoyed. I like to send this one when my friends try to tell a joke, or offend me so much that I can't even react.

The "Irreverent Downtrodden Plus Sign Guy" is actually just...

"Construction Worker"

This one is so funny that I have to use it all the time. It's like this bizarre sign of respect in my friend group. It's like...too weird for words. But alas, he is not affiliated with any kind of religion, he is merely a construction worker and a sad one at that.

The "Devastated" emoji is actually called


Sad but Relieved Face"

Sad, but relieved? What does that apply to even? Honestly, sad but relieved is probably useful for when a relative passes who was really sick or something like that...not for just like...every day occurrences. Like, "Oh they made my coffee wrong, I am sad, but relieved." No. Absolutely not.

The Camel is actually called

The "Dromedary Camel"

Okay stop the presses. This is ridiculous. Like, I can live with some of the other ones, but do we have to go as far as classifying a camel emoji? Come on. COME ON.

The "Totally Pissed Off" face is actually called..


Face With A Look Of Triumph"

Get over yourself, emoji makers. This is clearly the face of someone who is so angry that they are hissing like a bull. You can't ignore what's actually happening here. This is just, a misclassification. You can be specific with a camel, but you can't see the actual expression of the face. Whatever. Whatever.

And finally, everyone's favorite, the "Sassy Girl" emoji is actually called...


Information Desk Woman"

I have lost all faith. All faith. Apparently it looks like this woman is supposed to hand you a map or direct you to some kind of landmark? Bye emoji. Bye Apple. I'm done.

Which one surprised you the most? Let me know what your favorite emoji is in the comments below.
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@ButterflyBlu Yeah I've read the emoji thing on tumblr before. I use them for whatever I want them to be so pooh on the original meanings. lol Send weird things all you want!!
@Danse oh I WILL! :P
hahaha Emojis are the best I always misuse them, my favorite is the easter island head hahah it's the most random I think @ButterflyBlu @Danse
@TessStevens That one is pretty random. I mean what's the meaning of using a famous rock in your sentence. Does it mean we need a vacation? Some sight seeing perhaps? so funny
@TessStevens I'm glad I'm not the only one who's misusing them. Lol. I'm with @Danse. That's awesomely bizarre and random! ^.^