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I haven't sketched in a while and I was in the mood today so, I ended up sketching Mina from TWICE. I made her eyes to big OTL. not the best but I tried
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@chinatide the struggle is real. 馃槯馃槩 I mostly mess up the nose or eyes. but in this sketch u made u made the nose on fleek. xD
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@nnatalieg Dude same!!! and I was shocked when the nose came out pretty well tbh 馃槀 I tried a diff approach and it worked but I always end up making the eyes to big
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@chinatide oh I actually like the eyes. 馃槀馃槀 lol omg but the hair tho. it looks so flow - y and amazing at the same time.
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@nnatalieg ahhh thanks!!! 馃檲
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@chinatide ur welcome lol 馃槉
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