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Are you fucking kidding me. First it was Bam Bam from Got7 and now it's Xiumin? HE LOOKS SO HOT. And then Exo-l's just had to edit chokers on other members as well... great.


popsicle + choker = thoughts I shouldn't be having lol.


He reminds me so much of a puppy that it doesn't really help how he has a necklace that sort of looks like a collar....


OKAY YOU LITTLE SHIT. Go ahead and kill me I didn't want to live anyway. This one looks the most real and honestly it hurts to look at it because I know this fine piece of korean bacon is never gonna be mine.
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I knowww Baekhyun looks so flawless yo @nnatalieg
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@daljiyong trueee. is are they legal cause they killed me.
2 years ago·Reply
oh fk!! ❤
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I swear, Xiumin and Sehun look like two emo kids, Chen looks like he's in a heavy metal rock band, and then Baekhyun just looks like Baekhyun.
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