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Starting today I decided to make a list of every Kdrama I have seen! These are also not in any order! I'll continually be updating, because more than likely ill forget some! If there are any typos or you have any suggestions please leave a comment! ^.^ ~~~~~~~~~~~ WATCHED ☆☆☆☆☆☆ 1. Boys Over Flowers 2. Playful Kiss 3. Dream High 4. My Girl 5. The Masters Sun 6. Secret Garden 7. Flower Boy Next Door 8. Coffee Prince 9. Shut Up, Flower Boy Band 10. Orange Marmalade 11. The Moon that Embraces the Sun 12. Reply 1997 13. Reply 1994 14. Will it Snow at Christmas? 15. Love Rain 16. Pretty Man 17. Heirs 18. My Love From Another Star 19. School 2013 20. Flower Boy Ramen Shop 21. Dream High 2 22. School 2015 23. Hi! School Love On 24. Heartstrings 25. You're Beautiful 26. Marry Him if you Dare 27. City Hunter 28. I Need Romance 3 29. To the Beautiful You 30. The Producers 31. Rooftop Prince 32. 49 Days 33. Sungkyunkwan Scandal 34. Jung Yi, Goddess of Fire 35. Mary Stayed Out All Night 36. That Winter, The Wind Blows 37. Personal Taste 38. Faith 39. Saving Mrs. Go Bong Shil 40. The Princesses Man 41. Kill Me, Heal Me 42. Me too, Flower 43. Pinocchio 44. Oh My Ghostess 45. Nail Shop Paris 46. My Love, Eun Dong 47. It's Okay, That's Love 48. Gu Family Book 49. Bride of the Century 50. Trot Lovers 51. Lie to Me 52. Full House 53. Maids 54. Operation Proposal 55. Attic Cat 56. Cheer up
you should watch she was pretty and emergency couple. those are the ones I don't think I saw on the list... also, if it isn't on the list, fated to love you.
you should try Full House: take 2 it isn't too similar to the first so it's its own drama it's so cute xD and one of my ultimate favourites is called My Unfortunate Boyfriend or also Love Blossom I believe? it's more than adorable.
@ndngurl123 he should go back to running man. song song couple for life!
@ndngurl123 dude, song ji hyo is my favorite out of running man cast... but I ship her with song jong ki tho....
@petname83 @JayaBlush since both of yall recommended fated to love you ill have to watch that next! Thank you!
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