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There's a new rookie girl group on the scene from JYP called TWICE. I haven't seen any cards about them, so i'll take the initiative :)
First up! The Leader of TWICE, Jihyo! She's also the main vocalist.
Next up: Nayeon! She's the visual and lead vocalist.
And now: Jeongyeon! In addition to being another lead vocalist, she also my bias of this group
Of course there's Momo! She's the main dancer for TWICE.
And then there's Sana, sub-vocalist of the group.
Next: Mina! Providing sub-vocals for the group.
Dahyun, Rapper and sub-Vocalist for TWICE
TWICE's Main Rapper, Chaeyoung!
And last but not least! Maknae of TWICE,  TzuYu!
This is my first card, and i'm also trying to learn all of their names >.< I hope you all enjoy learning about TWICE!
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I love TWICE!