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Hi! I'm new here.. Friends maybe?
Hi! My name's Alyssa! I'm 13. I guess I'm pretty young lol. I'm pretty multifandom . EXO, Got7, and Bts are my bias groups. My ultimate bias is Baekyeol, yes the ship bc I can't pick between them. My bias wrecker is Youngjae from Got7 obvi. i'd just like to make kpop friends bc I don't have many..
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Lol another fellow shipper. its nice to meet you. I'm kiara and if u ever want to talk about different ships message me!!
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WELCOME <3 >蠅< , I really hope you have a nice time on here and meet lots of amazing people HWAITING. I'm Mimi (yes it's my real name) , You could message me anytime , so let's be friends *hugs* <3
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Hi welcome u can message whenever u want!!馃槀
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