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VixxNKpop radio was hosted by our beloved N oppa. Sadly he has stop his radio to prepare for their comeback. Today was his last day in his radio!
N was so sad to have to stop VixxNKpop radio, but let's not have that stop him from being such a great person. He was so heart broken, and tearing and after watching this video I knew inside he's hurting. He had so much fun and experience from this! But HEY all Vingle STARLIGHTS, Let's keep on supporting him and all of VIXX to have a great comeback while they are preparing! Let's not have small or big obstacles stop them from anything! Just a few days left and our VIXX is back! Countdown starts now, day one is down, nine left to go! AND DON'T forget to vote for our VIXX for MAMA this year! Fighting N and VIXX! 💘❤️