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Another new group here to ruin my life. And i am seriously in love with them! As soon as i saw them it was over. A HUGE Thanks to @electica for sharing these lovely guys with us. Im honestly so in love with these guys they are perfect in every way This group is just too perfect and extremely talented. Listen when i say this it is extremely impossible to pick a bias for this group. I have my top 2, Jacob & St. Van, but this is one bias wrecking group soo honestly i love all these beautiful babies they are too much for my heart and i cant wait to hear more
I will make a card today introducing the boys and a new song too =)
@KellyOConnor lol yeah i wanted to try something different to see if i like it and @electica from your pictures they look way better in person but they are still beautiful either way
@electica yay :)
Oh and wow I just watched the video again after seeing them.. they don't really look like that in real life lol the only ones that do are st.van and jacob. (its ment to be)
lol your new name threw me off for a second, I didn't know you'd already changed it! Van and Xiao my baes for now!
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