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There are so many comeback this months it's not even funny
B.a.p is who I am the most excited for! I....all of us Babes have been waiting for this! The teaser they have been dropping have got me squealing already! I am so ready for this! I been missing my boys and have worried for them with what been going on, and to know they are having a comeback just makes me the happiest person in the world! B.A.P love!
Zico is the second one I am most excited for! Zico is pretty much everything! Boys and Girls teaser looks amazing and so Zico style! This boy makes a statement every time he does something! So I'm really excited! Though I do WISH it was a BLOCK B comeback but Zico solo I can't complain to much cause I just love seeing my now UB, yes I said it. He has beaten GD out of his place! BLOCK B needs a comeback I miss my derp Kings!! I need them in my life!!!
Then there is BTS comeback! Even though I'm pretty sure their comeback will make me bawl my eyes out, I'm still excited for it! I love BTS and really can't go a day without listening to them. I'm really ready for this comeback! They work really hard and do such an amazing job!
Monsta X! Who I will gladly allow them to be my hero! The moment I heard Hero I fell in love! I honestly loved it more then rush ! I was really happy the moment they announced that they were having another comeback with hero! I pretty much screamed when they said it! These boys really mean a lot to me cause they were the first group I was there from the debut! I know it means more to be there to the end but they are the first one I get to see from beginning to end! And I love them so much! ☺️
Then there is the sexy beast of Korea, Jay Park. This boy I swear will be the death of me! I love all of his music and the hard work he puts into everything he does. I ready to see this sexy dancing machine in his new video! I love how he can go from sweet and cute in solo to going hard in his teaser for world wide!
I'm excited for all the others but these are the ones I most excited for!
I know that smirk gave me a heart attack! @DasiaB
I'm so ready for BAP it's not even funny. Me and a friend was just spazzing about their comeback earlier today and did you see that smirk that BYG did at the end of his teaser!?!?! That's my boo, Idk how I'm gonna be able to contain myself! πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ
I know!!! They are both so amazing! And they always do have some of the the best collaboration! I'm really excited to hear these new song!!! @Jiyongixoxo
Im excited for all of these especially Zico and Jay those two......😍😍😍they are too much for words and the collabs Jay has on the new album are gonna be insane and Zico kills everything so i know its gonna be perfect plus hes collabing with my main bae Babylon for girls & boysπŸ˜‚