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hey guys I haven't been around in a while. how's is every one? I hope your doing great! but I do have a question. if you don't remember me, I am the one who posted about what I think on each bts member, the Osaka highlights, and that picture of Jungkook cringing at jimin. I just wanted to know what you all think. do you think that jimin really likes Jungkook in a special way, in a little brother type way, or is it all fake? I've been thinking about this way too hard I know. but I can't help it. it's way too implied. I know that sometimes idols get told to do fluff to keep the fan girls going, but jimin is Constantly showing his affections. and of course Jungkook never returns them, which leads me to think they're fake. do you think that they told jimin to do it once and he just never stopped? I'm sorry I'm not trying to ruin anyone's ship or anything, I just really gotta know. I've never seen anything this implied before.
I think he has a strong affinity for Jungkook but thinks of him as that perfect younger brother that needs to maintain his perfection and innocence (to some extent 😂) You can tell that they are close though. It's really cute and nice to see
Well I know that our bang tan boys all get along like brothers . But I think jungkook and Jimin have a special connection than the other members . That's my opinion .
I think it's real between all of them, just saying
honestly I think there is a little affects between these two cause their so cute with each other but idk about what you said that he was told to once and never stopped doing makes point to so idk that's just me