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Even though I went into the theater with high hopes, it wasn't really a surprise to me that I didn't really enjoy Jurassic World. Honestly, I fell asleep throughout the entire second act of the movie and woke up to the roar of a weird hybrid monster dinosaur (which was fine, I guess). But the verdict was that I absolutely disliked the movie. It was fun watching my nephews get scared or excited but that isn't really what this card is about. It's about Pablo Fernandez and how he put together a cut of moments from Jurassic World and Jurassic Park. And it sheds a new light on Jurassic World, for me at least.
After watching the three-and-a-half minute cut, it made me really appreciate Colin Trevorrow's directorial prowess. It became pretty clear to me in the opening seconds of Fernandez's cut that he -- Trevorrow -- is a lot like the older folks (like myself) who loved watching the Jurassic Park series as younger folks.
It honestly makes Jurassic Park seem less like a sequel or reboot of the franchise and more like an homage to the original movies (even if some of them were bad). And honestly, I thought I caught most of the casual references to the original movie while I was watching it but I guess I wasn't paying close enough attention to the shot selection.
Check it out above and let me know what you think. It makes me smile a sly smile whenever I think about Jake Johnson's line that was commending the original park. It's almost like through that line and through all these references to the original movie, Trevorrow is saying that he knows the original movie was great and his might not be. But at least he's acknowledging that fact, right?