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Let's admit, that we can't choose just one favorite.

This Halloween, people took their costumes to the next level. From Netflix and Chill to pretty much every single guy channeling their inner Drake via the Hotline Bling video, each and every costume was superb. Let's not forget the celebrities whose costumes made us want to run to the costume store and dress up all over again. One of this year's best dressed celebrities was hands down Kendall Jenner.
She made fashion fans go goo-goo when she dressed up as none other than Karl Lagerfeld himself. While she did the fashion icon justice by wearing his infamous black and white suit get up and silver-grey hair slicked back into a pony, she also added a feminine touch to the look. Because what's a halloween costume worn by Kendall without a pair of sexy thigh high boots and fishnets, right? I'll admit her outfit was both clever and sexy, but it's Kendall Jenner -- so were we really expecting anything less than perfection?
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YES KARL LAGERFELD I love this costume!