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This is my first post on this app so, hello, I'm Moshimo.
Following up with what it says in my bio, I enjoy anime with high art quality, such as K for instance, and at least some amount of story, big or small.
Secondly, I really like art, so if you've got some tips or even if you just want to show me something you've done, hit me up because I'll surely, be interested.
Finally, I really like edited pictures like these so send me what you have and I'll thank you dearly. πŸ‘πŸ»
You can get in touch with me through my KIK, (Jae_Gu_Song) or just through here if need be. Now, on to my next post.
awesome! and welcome to the community! XD
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@VinMcCarthy Glad to be here! ^~^
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