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Hey Vinglers, hope you're all having a splendid Sunday night. So I'm finally back at my home, finally done with training for a little while, which is stupendous news for me. This means I have access to all of my works on my laptop again, including the two I uploaded today. There's plenty more where they came from, but I don't want to overload Vingle with all of my works just yet. So first you have "Exiled," which is a short story I wrote about a man lacking a sense of fulfillment in the grind of his every day law enforcement job. He strives to serve and protect the last remaining colony of human life in space, but learns that the feeling is quite one-sided. Then there's "Golden Groves," this one is actually a pilot I wrote up in 2011 for an anime/manga. It's a story about a girl trying to follow her dream to use the magic in the world to cleanse the foul aftermath of a war, and a boy trying to disregard all of the world's strife simply to keep a promise to a friend. I hope you guys enjoy it and I look forward to your comments, I have no intention of continuing either cards really, but I suppose that depends on their appeal to you guys. Your feedback is the number one reason I post on Vingle. It's important to always strive to do better, which is exactly what I do on here, so thanks again guys and have a nice night.
Can't wait to read some of your stories!
@mchlyang Thanks! They're definitely on the way 😊