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No Game No Life
So I started watching this simply because it looked pretty, yet, it actually wasn't half bad. Sora is a man of strategy and falls to none, while Shiro's intellect is trumped by none. Not to mention that both of them are insanely smart. All in all it has beautiful art and a fairly captivating story, given it is a bit eccentric. By the way, I must mention that Sora and Shiro have a very, uhh, "close" relationship, so be prepared for that.
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@Lexi97 I know ;-;
2 years agoReply
@Lexi97 @Moshimo At the end of season 1 the creators were already making a season 2. they stated they wanted it to air Fall 2016
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@CaptainKeita Yay! Can't wait.
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This is one of my favorites
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THANK YOU @CaptainKeita
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