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It's Monday Marvelers! You know what that means...

It's time for another TOTALLY AWESOME Marvel-lib! We had so much fun last week with Iron Man and Deadpool, but I thought this week could have a bit of a twist. You'll still be filling in the blanks in this Mad Lib but two of our favorite Vinglers are also going to be part of this story! They'll be joining Spider-Man on a totally wild/weird adventure!

Here's what this Mad Lib needs!

1. adjective
2. -ing verb
3. noun
4. adjective
5. noun
6. body part
7. adjective
8. adjective
9. adjective
10. body part
11. adjective
12. noun
13. adjective
14. adjective
15. body part
16. adjective
17. noun
18. adjective
19. plural noun
20. your favorite candy

Help me fill in the blanks in the comments! You can fill a couple of them, all of them or only one! I'll add them to the story and share it on Friday.

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i cant do this one but i cant wait to see how it turns out
@DanaMichelle no worries! I'll tag you in the result <3
10. weenus 20. reisens
1. Stout 2. Canoeing 3. Poptart 4. Blue 5. Iowa 6. Cornea 7. Inappropriately 8. Slyly 9. Boisterously 10. Shoulder 11. Vigorously 12. Couch 13. Bluntly 14. Short 15. Ankle 16. Sarcastic 17. Narwhal 18. Stupid 19. Rubber Ducks 20. Kit Kat
@lanejlzero @ChiefAlphaGoat omg these are AWESOME