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We have all been there.
Whether for a reason or for sudden emotions!
Life happens and it can cause tears.
Let them run and feel free to express feelings!
They run down our face and hit the ground like we do!
When It's raining with the sun out. That doesn't mean anything is wrong!
Life hits you and that moment hits you when you don't think you can do anything about it. Tears are our way of expressing out gratitude towards those and that which has been lost before our eyes or before us!
Those tears will dry up and life will move on. Adventure awaits as dreams will still exist. We are always here and are always existing in this MOMENT! This is a lesson you'll learn. No matter how strong, everyone cries for the right reasons but intends to use those tears to harden the ground below them so they can stand strong and get up and do something about it!!! NAKAMA FOR LIFE!!
I love them all
i cry watching them cry😢😊 there smiles are the best to me😁😁
yeah I've cryed when something sad happens in soul eater,naruto shippuden,fairy tail and when some one in my family passes away
@Syowa I am glad you read this. I hope your doing great and everything goes great for you. Keep your head up and remember it's always ok to cry. It makes us real and helps understand, showing that we care and are always thinking. NAKAMA for life!!
Just what I needed to hear(;_;)
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