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Latin ‘American Horror Story’ Urban Legends Coming Soon!!!
Eva Longoria co-producing and is currently working with on a series of urban legends from Latin America. It will focus on Latin American urban legends such as La Llorona. The first season has already been set up and it will be based on Mexican famous legends.
It will be an anthology series, which means that each season will be self contained. Sort of how like American Horror Story is set up. It's called "Zone of Silence," and the upcoming series will be based on the urban myth in the Mapimí desert area of Mexico where radio signals supposably don't travel, which causes a communication blackout.
This is very exciting to hear. If you've ever grown up hearing urban legends from Latin America, you know how scary the told stories can be -- imagine on the smalll screen! If you're interested in reading about urban legends, you can visit the Mythology & Tale community.
There's also a collection of recreated Latin American urban legends that you can check out HERE!
There's now word as to when this will premiere, but hopefully SOON!

Anyone else excited about this!? I know I am!

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