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From one "Four Eyes" to another. The struggle is real.

1. If you lose your glasses, it's seriously hard to find them.

Seriously, I'm blind without them. I end up doing the Velma thing where I'm on the floor feeling around with my eyes squinted like an old woman. It's not cute.

2. You wish someone would invent windshield wipers for them.

These are pretty horrible, but still, useful?
Glasses would be so much more convenient in the rain or any kind of humidity if they were self cleaning...I know there are some lens types that will do the job, but come one. Windshield wipers for glasses would be genius. There, billion dollar idea.

3. Fog is your mortal enemy.

Fog, you know the bullshit that happens when any kind of moisture hits your lenses? Yeah. Done with that shit.

4. You're sick of people calling you a dork.

People with glasses aren't necessarily dorky, I mean I'm kind of dorky, but

5. You're also sick of people saying you're a sexy librarian, teacher or whatever.

My glasses look just like this, but I am not Beyonce
Dudes and girls alike...know what I'm saying? Glasses have nothing to do with your personality. They're just necessary because our eyes decided they didn't want to work properly anymore.

7. This picture gives you all kinds of feels.


7. You've been to the eye doctor more times than most people go in their lifetime.'s time for another check-up, but I just had one!

8. The cost and discomfort of contacts just doesn't appeal to you.

Yeah, glasses are hella expensive but so are those little sheets of plastic you have to insert into your eyeball on the daily. Gross.

7. And you're kind of jealous of people with 20/20 vision.

Screw you. Screw you and screw you. Bye.
Justin Timberlake doesn't wear glasses, that's why his album was called the "20/20 Experience". I love you JT but bye.

8. That whole stretching out at the sides thing is super annoying.

Especially when your glasses slide off the end of your nose and you really look like an old person, but you can't help it because you don't have that handy dandy lens kit with the tool to tighten them with you. You actually never have that.

9. Cleaning your lenses on your shirt because you keep forgetting that expensive lens solution or cleansing cloth at home.

The people at Brookstone said I'd never have a cleaner lens! Ugh.

10. Also, sometimes people look way better with glasses than without. You have no idea what you're talking about if you think that everyone is automatically hot if they take off their glasses.

Don't believe the hype.

Although all of this is true, you still love your glasses, because they show your personality and they're a part of who you are.

Glasses build character, so just live with them and love them. Get contacts or don't, beauty is in the EYE of the beholder, even if that eye is kind of blind.

Glasses 4eva.
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Glasses 4eva!!!
love this post! last one for sure! I have naturally curly hair. one time I walked into school with straight hair and had my glasses off because I was cleaning them. MY FRIENDS DIDNT RECOGNIZE MW
tbh people say I look better without any cuz my glasses were small at first then I went to the bigger ones since I liked them and they were black. but my lord I have to take my glasses off everyday for a hour because of gymnastics and I set them in one spot then someone wants to move them and no one wants to tell me where they are so I like tripping over mats trying to find them
#1 I had to have my mom help me this morning. xD