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Watch "Livin' Da Dream": Spike Lee's Video Game Debut
Over the summer, it was announced that Spike Lee was hired to write and direct the story mode of the NBA2K series called MyCareer. For those not interested in playing the actual game but they're interested in the how Spike Lee's first foray into the realm of video game storytelling can watch the "movie" in its entirety on YouTube.
To be honest, I haven't watched too much of the video above because I'm still waiting to save up enough money to justify buying the game (I am poor/I have bills) but I did watch about 30 minutes of it. And, personally, I enjoyed it.
I liked it for a lot of reasons one of which being that I'm already a fan of the NBA2K series and I tend to enjoy the MyCareer portion of the game anyway. But one of the main reasons I really loved this, is the way the characters are portrayed on-screen. I think Spike Lee is acutely aware of the role of people-of-color as the main character.
If you choose to play the game as the default character (without customizing them to look a little more like you) then you're playing Frequency (yes, that is his real name) as he was written. A young person of color from the inner-city who is talented with a basketball.
That being said, Spike Lee's Livin' Da Dream is one of the first -- and maybe only -- games with PoC characters who aren't stereotypes. To certain extent, they could even be looked at as role models. From what I've seen from the game/movie, it really takes itself seriously (for some people this could be seen as a problem) but I think it really adds something to the culture of video games as a whole. Because honestly, it makes me feel more validated as a Person of Color who enjoys video games (and is tired of playing as grizzly white dudes).
If you're not ready to settle into your computer chair with a bowl of microwave popcorn and watch the video above. I left the trailer for the Lee's first video game story below. Here, you can get a sense of the characters, what the narrative arcs actually are, and the type of "seriousness" that I mentioned a little earlier.
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@ChriSingularis Yeah, totally. I mean, one of the main reasons I got into the NBA2K series is because I thought that it was one of the coolest RPGs I've ever seen played (and I'm talking about the ones on Xbox360/PS3). It kind of kickstarted my love for basketball, too haha. From what my brother tells me though, he enjoys the MyCareer mode once the whole movie part is over, from what I was told I guess it continues and there isn't a definite end? I'd have to see how I feel about it myself though when I finally play it
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@paulisaghost I got the game because my player had that rpg feel to it, control your destiny, be in the shoes of a nba player etc. But at the end of the day it's a sports Sim game. If I wanted a rpg I would get an rpg (but since I don't have time these days, rpg is not a good investment)
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@ChriSingularis, if only we could go back to a time with less responsibilities and invest in all the RPGs we wanted, right?
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@paulisaghost lol you are right, sir
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