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Hey Vingle Anime Fam!

Yesterday I posted up the introduction to what will be this month's community event, Nani November.
Today I want to start it out strong! And I'm excited to say that part of this awesomeness is that this week, Vingle has teamed up with us to do another giveaway XD

We'll be giving away the Chopper plushie you see up there!

So here are the rules!

To reiterate, in order to be eligible, you HAVE to comment on each of my cards marked {NN} for this week 11/2-11/8.
Every person who comments on all the cards will be entered into a random lottery to pick a winner!
The winner will be announced on 11/9.

So to kick this off, here's the first Nani November question!

Do you prefer Manga? or Anime? Or Both?

Let's discuss in the comments, yo!
I prefer to read Manga before watching an anime. As far as which one I like more? Well, that honestly depends on which series it is. I think it's more personal taste in art styles and the interest in seeing it animated. But if I had to choose, I'd certainly pick manga because I've always been the reading type. *sage nod*
@RaquelArredondo I would rather read the manga first because I dislike missing any information on anything. Watching something that lacks all the details isn't my style. lol
I like both Anime: Because you get to see some of your favorite characters come to life, see extra segments that weren't in the manga and you get a different vibe on the characters with being able to see how the voices actually are (Especially if there's sarcasm it think it's better said :D) Manga: The manga is a lot of times more graphic than the Anime. Manga is just a lot more detailed and dramatic. I really like this aspect about it...besides I can carry the manga around with me, so I can basically just have it at hand whenever I want it. Just in all in really like both
personally I like the colored mangas best of all because they have the purity of a good translation and the vivid colors of an anime.
Definitely both; sometimes I don't like how some anime don't follow the manga cuz they can mess it up, but to have the manga brought to life is a blessing in itself; and who doesn't love manga :D nice crisp pages and that new book smell, you crack it open and then realize at 2 in the morning once you've finished the volume that you have to wait another x amounts of months in suspense, so you buy other manga and start new series to fill the void and then the next volume comes out and the cycle continues -confessions of a mangaholic :)
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