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Hey Vingle Anime Fam!

Yesterday I posted up the introduction to what will be this month's community event, Nani November.
Today I want to start it out strong! And I'm excited to say that part of this awesomeness is that this week, Vingle has teamed up with us to do another giveaway XD

We'll be giving away the Chopper plushie you see up there!

So here are the rules!

To reiterate, in order to be eligible, you HAVE to comment on each of my cards marked {NN} for this week 11/2-11/8.
Every person who comments on all the cards will be entered into a random lottery to pick a winner!
The winner will be announced on 11/9.

So to kick this off, here's the first Nani November question!

Do you prefer Manga? or Anime? Or Both?

Let's discuss in the comments, yo!
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I prefer anime because everything comes to life. You can hear what the character is expressing and also see action. animes such as naruto has too much action going on that reading manga for it will get you confused.
get to the choppaaaa
I love all mediums, even live-action. Each format has its own special attraction and it's own limitations. Manga is special because it has a fuller narration, and if you have a strong imagination, as I do, it can bring a depth and understanding of the fictional realm that anime and film cannot. It's limited by your imagination, though. Characters and interactions can feel a little stiff. This is where anime steps in with its special aspects. Anime provides voice to the pages...personality, active facial expressions, movement to action. For many people, this can be like seeing the pages come to life, which can be exhilarating or disappointing, depending on expectations and presentation. Many times, the comprehensive narrative is lost in translation to anime form. Some like to go one step further, and see actual human faces bring their favorite characters to life. This is where many get frustrated. They want to see the manga or anime reenacted frame-by-frame, word-by-word but this would create very wooden characters, which would let their imagination down. A lot of times, a whole new story is created for a live-action, keeping only character names and appearances, and it tends to fail miserably because the fans hate it. Live-action does best when the story is changed just enough that you cannot predict where the story is headed, but the soul of the story and characters remains intact.
I already have that plushies I gave it to my friend Preston though