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Prove you're the best at comics trivia!

It's that time again! I'm going to give you hints for two comic book characters (one from Marvel and one from DC) and you'll all have until Friday to guess who they are! Are you ready?
Character 1
He has every episode of Trek (the classic series) He was one assisted by the ghost of Benjamin Franklin
Character 2
In her first comic book appearance she had the name Hayley Fitzpatrick A Days of Our Lives character inspired the character's creation

I hope this one is challenging!

Perhaps... I'll still wait to reveal the answer though. And I'll have to try extra-hard to stump everyone next time!
seems like everyone got this
Deadpool ♥ Wade and Harley
(My brother started reading Deadpool after I told him about the Star Trek thing. "Not the ones with the bald guy who looks like Professor X." That is his favorite line to throw at me when we debate our fave series in Star Trek. Uggggh. Lol)
#2 is Harley Quinn. Actress was even called upon to voice her.
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