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#Royals ! my hometown and first ever World Series Championship experience! :)
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@mchlyang Thanks!! And chyeah totally XD it's the City I was born in :) lol I was born a Royals fan fundamentally speaking :) Are you a fan of the Royals? :) lol KC over here is going CRAZY! haven't got a World Series since 1985 when my dad was 19 years old now I am 19! and we won again in 2015 I am beyond shocked and happy right now ^_^
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@GalacticChakra Haha I know man! Well it's nice to meet you! I'm the Sports community moderator here on Vingle! Would love to see you more often on Vingle! Are you into any other sports?
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Thanks dude! and that's awesome man! sports moderator for Vingle haha ^_^ nice :) and yeah I love football as well! KC Chief's 45-10 Detroit Lions + Saint Louis Rams won too :) the whole state of Missouri is doing pretty great right now :)
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@GalacticChakra Ahhh you're a true KC person! hahaha Yes they are!
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@TravisManning You guys should celebrate together! Although I'm not a Royals fan, I was rooting on the Royals this season haha
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