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(That is if you havent listened to these two new rookies groups yet!) Hi everyone, I've been gone for a while and while I've been gone I ended up becoming a JYP stan over a YG stan. For so many reasons. One reason being the fans in general, they were really chill and welcoming not only to others, but to DAY6 who recently debuted. While YG stans were battling it out, JYP stans, or should I say iGOT7's were warmly welcoming the new group. It sparked my interest and it gets better daily. Allow me to introduce to you JYP's two newst groups
DAY6. Is there enough to say about this amazing band? YES BAND. They're so unique and great. This band consists of Sungjin, the leader and guitar player. Young K, the rapper and guitar player. Junhyeok the Instagram Fairy and keyboarist. Wonpil the amazing voice and electronic synthesizer. Jae the sweg chicken weirdo with the awesome hashtags who speaks English for us and guitar player. And last, but not least: Dowoon, world's cutest maknae itty-bitty baby and drummer.
Here is their music video and debut song, please give it a listen.
Next is Twice, JYP's newest girl group and I'm someone who really dislikes girl groups but I adore them so much. They just debuted a few weeks ago and they're amazing. This group consists of Jihyo the leader. Momo the lead dancer. Nayeon the visual (?). Tzuyu the beautiful maknae. Chaeyoung the rapper. Jeongyeon the vocalist. Mina another vocalist. Dahyun another rapper. Sana a vocalist and my personal favorite. I don't have a lot of their positions down since they just debuted. They're fun and silly too.
Here's their music video!
I love this card! JYP really deserve an applaud this year. Their rookies are amazing and day6 is the best thing that ever happened to kpop!!!
@cindystran omg I know right ;-; they stole my heart so fast I didn't even see it coming