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Hey Marvelers!

I noticed lately that we've been struggling to figure out how best to tag each other in our awesome cards. But then @kpopandkimchi gave me an idea: What if we followed each other's collections? That way we'll get a notification whenever we update them!

Now I know it's Monday, but it's really easy to do...

1. Follow a collection on the app.

It's just like subscribing to your favorite channel! When you click FOLLOW you get this pop up menu! Click "Turn on Notifications" if you want to get a notification when a new card is put into the collection you just followed. You don't want to miss out!

2. Check your notifications

You can see all the cool stuff your fellow Vinglers are posting there! Your collection notifications will show up in the NEWS tab of your notification bar.

What do we think Marvelers?

This came with the new app update but it looks like it might make our lives much easier. We can all feature each other's collections and make sure that nobody in the community is missing out on any of the fun! Do we want to try this? @amobigbang @LAVONYORK @JonPatrickHyde @ChiefAlphaGoat @AimeeH @ButterflyBlu @loftonc16 @DanRodriguez @Marichel @BeannachtOraibh @kuzuri96 @MoisEsGaray @trin1991 @ChibiFox @FreeWill666 @MichelleHolly @jibarito @ChosenKnight @purplem00n23 @shantalcamara @DonovanMoore @LizaNightshade @tardisdragon7 @Luci546 @chris98vamg @ScriptedSoldier @SeintoSeiya could this be a good solution for people who have had trouble tagging from their phones?
Aweosme! I'll work on some collections to try to get people following! And I'll work on some guides as well to help everyone do their own ^_^
I like it
@electica well since I like cosplay, I'm following your collection! ^_°
@DanRodriguez its great but that would include people "actually" following=/
This is a great idea, @shannonl5! Did you see this, @electica?
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