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Park Shi Hoo Scandal Update: Trainee A's friend ‘B’ apologizes, Iyagi Entertainment sues Park Si Hoo and ‘B’, Park Si Hoo’s DNA found in ‘A’s test results

After initially accusing Park Si Hoo of setting out with the intention of sexually assaulting trainee ‘A’ and maybe even drugging her in the process, ‘A’s friend ‘B’ has now offered her apology to the actor and blamed ‘A’ for telling her a different story. In the continuation of her interview with a media outlet, ‘B’ further explained why she accused Park Si Hoo in the beginning and why she no longer talks to ‘A’. “Due to ‘A’s lies, even I have become a victim, and Park Si Hoo is also a victim as well… If Park Si Hoo has been victimized due to anything I said, I want to sincerely apologize,” ‘B’ said. Ever since her initial accusations and the surfacing of the text messages between her and ‘A’ in which ‘B’ told ‘A’ to request for money and bring Park Si Hoo down, ‘B’ has been severely criticized for possibly scheming with her friend for money. To make things harder, her parents have been suffering from much emotional distress lately as well due to all the rumors surrounding the case. ‘B’ shared, “After hearing from ‘A’ that she was sexually assaulted by Park Si Hoo, as an unni, I couldn’t just sit back. She is a close dongseng and we’ve spent time closely for the past four years, so I completely trusted everything that ‘A’ told me… However, during the police investigation and the revealing of KakaoTalk messages, I thought to myself ”A’ has lied to me!’” leading her to make up her mind to apologize to Park Si Hoo. ‘B’ further added, “I hope the truth about this case will be revealed soon.” According to ‘B’, ‘A’ previously told her “I lost consciousness while drinking” and “I want to know why I was sexually assaulted”. However, as reported earlier, ‘A’ was spotted walking out fine on her own on the CCTV at the restaurant she and Park Si Hoo and his hoobae drank at, and ‘A’ never once mentioned anything about sexual assault in her messages to Park Si Hoo’s hoobae, Mr. Kim. Thus, ‘B’ has come to believe that she has also been a victim of ‘A’s lies. - Park Si Hoo’s former agency (Iyagi Entertainment) sues Park Si Hoo and ‘B’ With ‘A’ suing Park Si Hoo, and Park Si Hoo counter suing ‘A’, ‘B’, and his former agency’s CEO, more lawsuits are here to complicate the matter even further. The actor’s former agency has now counter-sued Park Si Hoo and announced their intention to sue ‘B’ as well. Iyagi Entertainment‘s CEO was sued by Park Si Hoo on allegedly conspiring with ‘A’ to bring down the actor, harboring ill intentions towards him. ‘B’ further added to the flame when she said that she had heard that Iyagi’s CEO met up with ‘A’ and offered their help in suing Park Si Hoo. The CEO and his agency have been vehemently denying the accusations stating that the CEO and ‘A’ had only met because the CEO was trying to convince her to settle the matter with Park Si Hoo, not conspiring with her. They previously warned that they would sue Park Si Hoo if it meant clearing up their innocence, and now they have followed up as Iyagi Entertainment’s legal team stated through a press release, “We have sued Park Si Hoo on the 11th.” The legal team also added, “We will also be suing ‘B’, ‘A’s friend, for defamation of character for making up false stories about Iyagi’s CEO.” - Park Si Hoo’s DNA found in ‘A’s test results, but not Mr. Kim’s (‘K’) As expected, Park Si Hoo’s DNA has been found in ‘A’s test results. This is to be expected as Park Si Hoo has already openly admitted that he and ‘A’ had intercourse. However, the police had also wanted to see if Park Si Hoo’s hoobae, Mr. Kim or ‘K’s DNA would also be found in ‘A’ on suspicion that Park Si Hoo and ‘K’ might have purposely teamed up to take advantage of ‘A’. But, there was no traces of ‘K’s DNA found in ‘A’.
very complicated! you can't trust nobody
Ahhh he didn't do anything wrong!!!!!!!!!!! I will support you and lllllove you forever oppa! Stay with me, and i'll be with you always
i will always support Park Shi Hoo though!
oh man what a complicated story....i'm glad that it finally came to an end!
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